Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm a yarnaholic

Yes, I am and there's no way to stop me!

There's a special sale at the Wollfabrik and considering all the yummy yarn there, I wasn't that much of a bad girl... The white is some kind of Alpaca, wool and cashmere mix(can't really remember, I was somehow distracted....yarn ;-)). The pink consist of different strands of pink and red merino yarn. The black is a wool/acryl yarn for which I even have a project in mind:
Cavern Cardi
I'm going to change the pattern a bit. I want to try to make one of those rounded cardis that seam to be so hip at the moment.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

it's a ...

...pillow case!!! Wow!
Ok, not that exciting, but what's a girl to do?
The yarn is really soft and cudly. I still have 4 hanks in a different colorway and I'm thinking about some kind of cardigan. But I'm not 100% sure and I'm going to pick up the yarn from my LYS on wendnesday. That won't leave any time for a new big project.

Plus I think I really, really need a break now. My shoulders make those funny noises when I move them...guess that's not a good thing... still have to do homework.

Listening to: "Die Ärzte" various live recordings

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I did it!

No, I'm not talking about finishing Samus(which would be just almost true). I'm talking about the first week back on campus. And I went to every lecture! What, that's normal? Well, not for me. I probably attended approx. 15 lectures in total last semester. I made it through the tests nontheless, but there's much to learn this semester and I can't do it like I did last semester(aka 3-week-power-learning).

Apart from that I attched the I-cord to samus!
Bad thing though? I don't like it!!!
I mean I don't have to wear it and my mum hasn't really told me her opinion(she's ill at the moment and took that for an excuse *eye-rolling*). The sleeves are a bit too wide at the top and it looks kind of 80-ish, you know.

And here's my Shetland tea shawl. I'm not going to finish it in the next few weeks due to the fact that I'm atleast one ball short. Yes, that sucks since all that's missing is 4-5 rows knit and the edging. Well, we'll see how much money is left over next month for that ball.

Which leaves time for new projects! This is a pillow case out of the Colinette "Fandango". It's a really quick knit if you don't count the first 4 tries(I'm just not able to cast on loosely enough).
Still need to sew it, but that will have to wait untill tonight cause I've got to do homework...blech...

Friday, October 21, 2005

new projects

Yes, I can't resist it, I just have to start new projects!

Because it's getting rapidely colder every day around here and I don't want to heat when it's not really necessary, I made myself some fingerless gloves. Originally there should have been a heart design(made of purl stitches) on it, but I messed it up and after the second try gave it up. The yarn is some 8 strand machine knit yarn brought way over a year ago. I made a hat for my dad out of it for last christmas...arghh, can you hear it? last christmas...i gave you my he...stop it! get out of my head! now!!!!
Actually I like this song, but not in october! Can't they atleast wait untill late november to play it? Same goes for christmas sweets.

Anyway, here's the other project I started. The Shetland Tea shawl in Kidsilk Haze. I started it yesterday around midday and am now finished with the first lace pattern. It took all my patience to finish the first rows! I lost a needle three times and eventhough I was able to get the stitches on it again I almost threw it away!
Now that I'm on circulars it's much easier. The only challenge is to keep knitting and NOT cuddling it the whole time...hard, cause it's so soft!
And here's a pic of Samus. I decided to only block the sleeves and have done so this morning. It's the first time I steam blocked knitting with a towel. Unfortunately I don't have the space to do so with the body part of samus, so it will stay unblocked. The only difference between the blocked and the unblocked pieces is that the blocked is a bit softer and lies more flat.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ebay will be my downfall

I know, I said it many times, but I really should stay away from Ebay. It's evil!
I have this habit of watching items I would like to buy, but don't have the money for. I'm just curious how much the winning bid will be. Well, not too long ago I watched some colinette yarn and 5 minutes before the auction ended it was 6,5€. Nobody should get that beautiful yarn for so less money, I thought. So I bid on it quite confident the other bidder had already entered more...well, (s)he didn't and I won the auction of 7 hanks of Fandango from colinette for 11,96€ including shipping!!!
There are 3 different colorways, 4 hanks of Velvet Bronze, 2 hanks of summer berries and 1 hank of velvet plum. After cuddling it extensively and some google search I decided that the 4 hanks will become a sweater/cardigan of some sort and the others a scarf and/or pillow.
And now, feast your eyes on this:

Sunday, October 16, 2005

And the mission continues...

...with another finished "project".
Ok, so it isn't a real project, just a test shawl. Since I never saw nor wore a round shawl I had to test it. Yep, I know realize that it would probably have been easier to test it without using the different lace pattern...would have been faster too...
Anyway, I found out I like round shawls, so after I finish the last project, this is definately high up on my to-knit-list.

This is the last project I need to finish, samus. [What? There are more projects listed on the sidebar? Just ignore them, I do too ;-)]
I finished the first sleeve and now knit the second. Should be finished tomorrow with it. Then comes the hard part, I-cord and zipper...

And now, sundays fleamarket finds:

Two books, one about knit and crochet with stitches and tips etc and one with crochet stitch patterns. In the back is 4m of a light fabric.

KnittySP5: Yep your right, inevitable to become a sock knitter, when you see all this beautiful yarn every time you go to a LYS. Hipknits is now number one on my christmas list, keep mentioning it to my mum ;-)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Finish it all!

I decided to start finishing all the projects I have at the moment instead of starting new ones. University begins on the 24th and I don't think I will have much time to knit than. Atleast not as much time as in the past months.

First my second pair of socks. Since I had so much yarn left-over and my cousins first birthday was on tuesday, I knit her a pair too. I knit a different heel on the little socks(I guess it's a short-row heel, but I'm not sure). Still have a bit of yarn left...
Ok, you can see where this leads, don't you? Me, who has always said, that knitting socks seames to be a waste of time, is now addicted to knitting socks! Apart fromt he fact that they are lovely to wear(I'm always having colf feet), they are also easy to knit. And there's so much beautiful sock yarn too!

Ok, this is not knitting, but I had to try the Fimo I got for birthday. It didn't worked out like I thought it would, but I like the effect too. In case you can't see it on this crappy photo, these are beads ;-)

And lastely since the car got repaired(long story short: first mechanic wrong, went to audi garage, new battery, -180€!!!), I drove to the Wollfabrik. I got some of their sock yarn, but I don't like it much. It's much more ...hmm let's say dense and I would have to move down a needle size. Plus it's not as soft as the other yarn I used.
The cone on the right is merino wool 750m/50g. It will be used to knit lace.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dream projects, yarn and other

In this post I will write down my future projects and ideas. Also I'll be adding a kind of wishlist for yarn and other things I *need*, but can't afford at the moment.
This is not related to any secret pal project or RAK. Surely you know these situations were you've seen your dream yarn, but couldn't buy it right away. A month later you have the money, but forgot where you've seen the yarn and what it's called . Has happened a lot of times to me, therfore this list.

I actually keep a note book with craft ideas, but I always misplace right now I have no idea where it is!

Dream Projects:

This is a Lace Cardigan from Esprit. That's just what I had in mind for some time. Best thing, I already have the yarn for it!
I'm going to Esprit next week with my measuring tape ;-)

Isn't it somehow cute? I have so much stuffing material and thought I could make some stuffes little toys for my cousins. Now, what's even better than small toys? Big ones!
The instructions are here . I think I'll change it a bit, I'm not much into Pandas ;-)

Dream Yarn:
#Hipknits silk! I know, I haven't even used the two hanks I got from my SP, but it's soooo lovely.

# Kauni yarn lovely color and I like that it's more blocks of color rather than stripes.

#Lana Grossa "Mega Stoppino" in colorway 303, already have a test ball of it(idea: Klaralund)

Dream Other:

#Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number TWO, can't resist the Klaralund and Gesta hype.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

cold + cold = very bad

Remember I said I din't know if my friend wanted to celebrate her birthday? Well, she changed her mind. A friend of hers birthday also was on sunday and he celebrated it together with getting his university diplom. So far, so good.
Well, I had a bit of a cold. nothing really severe, just a bit of uneasyness and sneezing. Let me tell you one thing: When you have a cold it's absolutely not a good idea to go to a party that is held october! I mean, come on this is Northern Germany! It's darn cold almost freezing at nights! Furthermore it's not a good idea to drink much when you're ill and haven't been really drinking for some time...
End of it? My cold got much worse, guess I deserved it...

As beeing ill wasn't bad enough, this morning as I wanted to drive to lab the car didn't started! f***!!!! The mechanic I drove it to last time said the batterie is ok. Well, apparently he seems to be wrong, don't you think?

But all was made up for when I came home to find a package. Yes, it's the package from my wonderful Knitty SP. She sure is spoiling me! Just look at all these goodies!!!


Yep, your seeing right, that are indeed three balls of KIDSILK HAZE!!!!!!
And fabric(yes, its' suitable for bags!) and coffee(fairtrade one!) and cookies and choclate(yummy dark one!) and a magazin(you'r right aboutsome of the designs beeing ugly...that scarf!) and a ? have no idea what to call it, but it looks funny! Besides the two cards where also notes. Thank you SP for these great gifts!

This is the sock yarn my brother gifted me with. I'm almost finished with the first sock.

And to test if I like round shawls I began knitting the Shetland tea shawl out of left over yarn.

Sorry, to get a bit short now, but I'm hungry and will now end this post ;-)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lace, but which?

After receiving my birthday gifts yesterday I have spent a large amount of time reading "Sweater design in plain English" and "A gathering of lace". I like both, but since I already have a cardigan in progress and a sweater in planning stage for me, I put that book aside. It's great though and well written. Something I can't say about "spinning designer yarns". I've only skipped through it and read some passages, but found it dull. Nice pics, but far to less.
And sorry, but I don't like the whole school-book style with little summarizing words next to the text. That's what headlines are for.

Anyway, back to lace. I thought that I could immediately start a lace shawl since I had brought 4 balls of Kidsilk haze, but I guess that would not be enough for most of the shawls in this book!
Most (all?) use Jamieson and Smith yarn. Probably the most expensive wool yarn I ever saw. Is there something special about it? I mean apart from the fact that the cobweb(wow!) and lace is well, lace and cobweb? Couldn't I substitute it by machine yarn of similare weight-yardage ratio?
Or can I somehow use the kidsilk I have for one of the shawls? Hmm, some math needs to be involved. Plus I had intended to make something more like a stole(rectangle) than a circular or triangular shawl. Not that I don't like them, but I haven't at all worn the triangular ones I have, but then they are not as big as the ones shown in the book...which also explains the amount of yarn needed.
Anyway, probably can't buy any yarn this month. Eventhough I did get my financial aid on time, I have some other things I need to spend it on. Like getting a hair cut, which is really badly needed! And I intend to save some money(90€ to be correct) for the fees that are coming next semester(thanks CDU).
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