Friday, July 28, 2006

Reducing my fabric stash

I just read that there'll be a fabric market on 2.September in Hamburg! They've been doing these markets since 2004, but they never came as far north as Hamburg and I was too cheap to drive to the nearest one(150km away).
So I really have to reduce my fabric stash more fabric!!!
Though I didn't know about the market coming to Hamburg before I already started. I sewed this skirt our of some fabric I got from a fleamarket. It's really light and perfect for this weather(though I don't have any shoes to wear with it).

I also finished my second wrap dress! I love it even more then the first. But I'm now searching for another dress pattern that is easy and nice.

Now for the knitting projects. I finished the OSW out of some mystery yarn. I've got no idea from whom this yarn is, I just know that it's 100% cotton. The pic kind of sucks cause you can't really see the OSW, but well you can see my new hat! I was shopping last weekend with my mum and since we both couldn't find anything, we brought two hats ;-)

And here's an update on the Mystery shawl. I've finished the third clue on one side and started it on the second half. I really like the pattern, though I would probably never have picked it had I seen a picture of it!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

new alarm-clock...kind of

I was woken up on saturday at 5:30am by an air hammer...I was sooooooooo pissed! I stood up and went on the balcony and saw that a bit to our right they were making a little hole in the street. Irritated and a bit angry I asked my mum why the hell they have to do this on a saturday morning. She then pointed out to me, that there was sand on the street and it was wet there too...hmm some water thing seems to have been broken!
But why do they make the hole to the right? Good question and an hour later, after 6 more people arrived they were making another, bigger hole more to the left *eye-rolling* and used a digger that was connected with a truck to get rid of the sand from the hole. When we returned from grocery shopping, they were gone, the hole still there...
...Sunday afternoon we heard police sirens and a lot of noise as if people were moving the barriers. Look what a little hole can turn into when the workers leave off work without putting the sand back in the hole and it rains overnight(+a mysterious water leak):

So, this whole week and possible the next week I won't need to set my alarm-clock. The workers wake me up at around 7:15 anyway...Have I mentioned that because it's so warm I don't go to bed before 1am?

Knitwise I have started the secret project and continued knitting the Mystery Shawl, pictures tomorrow, I promise. I also finished the OSW and managed to complete the knitting kit AND send it!
Next week I will have to go to campus to sign up for the next three exams...probably also should start learning again then...probably...

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

no wonder... felt so freaking hot on thursday! It was the hottest day since they began recording temperature in Hamburg! It's still hot, but atleast you can breath again.

I finally settled on the basic look of the secret project, all I need to do know is a little math and one more swatch. Oh, and begin knitting of course ;-)

I also wrote the intro for the knitting kit, but I'm stuck at the directions. It's so much easier to show in person, then to write about it! Maybe pictures would be a good idea...

Otherwise I've finished sewing the second dress, a purple skirt, began the third clue on the MS and started knitting a brown OSW for me! Yes,it's still hot, but that won't stop me!

P.S.: Sorry to the person who landed on my blog searching for an answer to the question:"how do you divide fractions"...sometimes I get the weirdest searches to my blog!

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Too freaking HOT!

It's sooooo hot over here, that I haven't knitted anything since I have finished the second clue for the mystery shawl this monday! Yepp, it's too hot to knit. Today is even worse cause it's not only hot(37°C!!!), but also very sticky. If you step outside you feel like you are inside an giant oven!
No, I'm not going to go outside today again. Had to run some errands earlier and that was when it was still "only" 28°C. My blood pressure is very low by nature and my pulse rather high, I definately don't want to collapse again!
So what do you do if you're stuck inside, but can't knit? I read alot and slept and listen to music. What I should be doing is swatches for the secret project and putting a knitting kit together for a swap on Craftster(Yeah, spreading the knitting bug!), but my brain is beeing boiled and not working right...

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Monday, July 17, 2006

wonderfull weekend start

Friday was one of the best days this year!
Though it didn't looked like it in the morning, when I woke up at 5am(!!!!) and couldn't go back to sleep eventhough I had only gone to bed at 12 and it took me an hour to fall asleep. Only four hours would probably make anyone a bit grumpy...
The math test was at 12.15, so one could think I had enough time to wake up, pack everything, shower etc. To calm my nerves I knitted a bit on the mystery shawl (=50rows) and time just flew by...You see were that leads, right?
In the end I had 35min to pack my bag, wash my hair, dry it and run to catch the bus.
At the train station I realized a)I still had enough time left and would be early and b) forgot my calculator! Time to panic, but surprisingly I didn't. There's nothing like using a piece of paper and a pen to multiply and divide fractions, trains the brain they say.
The math test went well. If I got everything I wrote down right, I'll have 18 points out of 24 and you only need 10 to pass. The fractions were no real problem, though of course it took me longer to calculate than if I had a nifty calculator! Thank god all roots were eliminated by squares, don't think I could have calculate them by hand.

I came back home and a few hours later had to get dressed for the evening. My mum, some friends of her and me were going to a Reggae concert! It was one of the best concerts I ever went to, which was just partially due to the music. I think what made it so special was more the ambiance/ambience(sp?). Hey, if my mum starts to jump around when everyone else does, it must have been real good! My mum usually refuses to jump and gives one of her I'm-to-old-for-that speeches. We stood right in front of the stage and danced for almost the entire time(3 hours minus 30min when they changed the instruments for the second group).
And here's a pic to proof that I'm not just making it up(please note that 1. my mum's photo-inapt friend made this pic and 2. I hate the way I look when I laugh)

Oh and my mum was of course wearing the top I made her for motherday! (Sorry, no pic as I don't think my mum wants to have pics of her on the net)

I'll leave you with a picture of my lorna's socks:

P.S.: The weekend itself was quite eventless, but just what I wanted after all that study stress
P.P.S.: Eventough Reggae should be about love etc. one woman doesn't seem to have understood that as she spat(!) on my mum's friend for taken her place on the barrier infront of the stage! Mind you, that woman was as old as my mum and had her two children(my guess is 17 & 12-13) with her! She's really lucky my mum's friend didn't want any trouble, cause she normally wouldn't have hold her temper(and she's good at being angry etc). We got the security people involved and he spoke with her. Later a nice couple stood between us, so that crazy woman was a distance away from us. Honestly, how f*** up are some people! I really feel sorry for her kids. The younger one even changed place with her so she wouldn't start anything again, so I guess this is not the first time she did something like this.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another pictureless post...

...yeah, still haven't recharged the batteries and I don't really have time to take pics anyway. I'm supposed to learn math, the emphasize is on supposed there. I tried, but I would need another month and a better book than the one we are using, to really understand this stuff. So I hope the problems in the test will be similare to the ones we did before, so I can combine them. We're allowed to use everything from book to notes to a calculator, so it shouldn't be too dificult even if I don't understand everything(or is it anything?). I'm not the only one though, even the math wiz who is in the same semester than I am and tutored us last semester(!), doesn't understand it all.

SP, those charts are nice. Not exactly what I'm looking for though. But I have found what I want for birthday, now I only need to find a german shop that carries it or convince my mum that using your credit card online is safe ;-). I really like most of the designs from all three companies you can see here. I already have a Mirabilia chart from a swap awhile ago, but the material for stitching it is quite costly and it's probably not something I would hang on the wall(though it would be a nice gift).

Oh, and if you're searching for shawl pins, check out Chris's etsy shop here. Her pins are fabulous! Wish I could buy one right now, but my bank account sais otherwise...

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

cross stitch hunt

Ok, I've come to terms with my new hair cut. You're all right, it does look good. Except for saturday morning when I very much resembled a japanese Manga girl/boy with my hair literally standing up and sideways ;-) (No, there's no picture of it!)

Anyway, you might remember I started cross stitching. All I've done untill now were test pieces and bookmarks, but I would like to make a big picture one. Really, all it takes is a lot of time and I know it will probably take me ages to complete. As those are quite expensive I thought I would put it on my birthday wish list(30.september).
The problem? I can't find anything I like! Most seem to be too granny-like, you know what I mean. Or there are pets/animals involved. Or it's in pastels.
I would like something with fairies(no baby faces please) or asian or...I don't know. But if I'm going to spend so much time on something I want it to be perfect, something I'm really going to hang on my wall. The fairies and mystical/fantasy kits I found all lacked a certain *insert-word-for-funky-cool-stuff-that-makes-you-say-WOW*. The kits from Pinn go into the direction of what I look for. But there just have to be more like these out there, right? Not sure my mum would be comfortable buying from them online.

Knitwise I've finished the Lorna's socks! I almost wish it were cold enough to wear them, almost. Of course eventhough I knitted them toe-up I still have a bit left-over. I think I've never used all yarn for any project.

I also started knitting the first clue of the Mystery stole and have finished one side. Now I have to ball a second skein in order to start the other side, but it took me way over an hour to ball the last skein even with my skein winder. What I really need is a ball winder...too expensive though even on Ebay, something else to put one my birthday list!

I also got the yarn for my secret SP project! I abandoned my first idea of dyeing ýarn myself with Ashford dyes, it would just have taken too much time and would have cost too much. Plus I was afraid I would mess up with the dye ending with not enough yarn. Can't really blog about this project, cause by now my downstream SP will have guessed I'm going to knit her something.
I must admit that when I brought the yarn for the project online I couldn't resist buying some other yarn for me too...I blame it on my SP ;-)

Sorry for the lack of photos, but I keep forgetting to recharge my batteries.

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Friday, July 07, 2006


I did it! I've been talking about it for ages, but now I just went in and did it!
Yes, you read right, I got a completly new hair cut! Not just cutting the tips, we're talking about less than half the length it had before...
...not sure it looks good though. I've got a little problem with getting hair cuts which is why I haven't really had one in a long time. Last year I've gone once to get my hair cut, just the tips of course cause I'm a chicken. But not today.
It's just so different and I haven't had that short hair since I was 16 I think or was it 17? Maybe I'll feel better about it once I wash it and don't have tons of hairspray in it...
Argh, why is there never anybody here when I need reassurance? My brother is really not much help even if he sais it looks good. I mean what does he know? We're talking about a boy of 17 who lets his hair grow untill my mum has enough and takes him to the hairdresser(and no it's not a statement ala I want me hair long, he just doesn't care)!

Anyway, judge for yourself:

Edit: for comparison:


Thursday, July 06, 2006

long promised knitting post

Yeah, I finally found the time to actually blog about knitting! Afterall, this IS a knitting blog, right?
So, what have I knitted?
A lot of socks lately, cause it's a) hot and b) I needed some easy knitting in between learning. Can't do anything complex when my mind is on things like torsional moment, magnetic field and refraction index. This will most likely continue for atleast a week where the subject will change and I have to wrap my mind around stuff like probability, random variable, markov chains and equilibrium distribution...
Unfortunately one pair of sneaker socks has already left home and now is with my grand-aunt. I had knitted them with one ball of the Knitpicks cotton sock yarn I got from my SP. Btw. the yarn is produced in Germany! I wonder how they can keep the cost so low when it needs to be imported.
I also started knitting a pair out of the Lorna's Lace's which I also got from my very generous SP. I love it! Compared to normal sock yarn, it's quite soft and lovely! I'm knitting them toe-up as not to waste a tiny bit of this gorgeous yarn.
Nothing much to say about the other socks I knitted except for that they are all plain. One day I'll have the time and patience to knit lacey patterned socks, but not now...
[my camera battery just died,pics later]

Here's a scarf I made for a swap on craftser. It's made out of some mohair/wool mix that I got on sale fron the "Hamburger Wollfabrik" some time ago. I dyed it blue though it didn't work out as I thought. I intended to graduatly move from very light blue to blue...

And then we have Ruby. Which is theoratically finished, but pratically I will have to take it all apart and redo the front.

See how low the front is? I know, that's the way the pattern is and therefore added a few rows before I bound of, but I think it's still too low. Seriously I don't think I would wear it like it is. Once I've got a bit more time, I'm going to redo it...
Otherwise, the pattern and the fit is great! As is the yarn, it's a pity they don't seem to sell it anymore. They only have on color left(which I don't like) or different weights. I might try the 4ply though.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

we lost, but...

...who cares! I definately don't, atleast for the last 30 minutes. Why? Because of my latest SP package which left me full of joy and happiness!
Girl, that's what I call timing! Honestly who cares about football anymore after opening such a sweet package?

I felt like a little girl on christmas and was totally stumped at what to open first! I kept grabing one package, then another and another then finally just ripped them open(it took all my will power taking photos first!).
Wow, just wow. Everything in its own wrapping with notes and all! Just look at it!

Unwrapped goodies:

You can see here:
~Jaggerspun Zephir in Admiral(Oh, now I know why people like it so much!)
~floating candles(I like them too, now I've got to search for my floating candle glass...)
~Gossamer Webs/Orenburg lace shawls
~Knitpicks Shadow in Vineyard(really soft too)
~Peanut butter(Once it cools down, I'm definately going to taste it, just too hot for anything sweet)
~100% silk yarn in Nile green(*drool*)
~CrossStitch magazin
~sheep measuring tape(soooo cute!!!)
~journal(always good)
~toothpaste ;-)
~Mango-Grapefruit soap(hmmm, smells so nice you're tempted to take a bite)
~rings for stitch markers(with all the lace projects I can now see in the nearby future, they come in very handy)
~Circus Animal Cookies(as if my mum could bake*eye-rolling*. Ok, she can, but not without a lot of cursing :-))

And everything together:

THANKS SP! You truly are the best!!!!!!!!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

long story(or stories?)

First story~the exam
First of all, I'm freaking a bit right this very minute! I have a big exam thing tomorrow:Physics!
I mean I'm good at it and have always been(won a price when graduating from high school!) and really what we did in those two semesters was basically everything I learned in high school, just a tad bit more complex. But now I'm thinking, I probably haven't learned enough, which I really haven't! I signed up and met the prof a month ago(individual exam dates as they are all verbal talking exams, no more written ones for me!) and then...
...did virtually nothing! For a whole freaking week! Then I read the second semester script within a total of three hours(while commuting!) and wrote down some notes. A few...ok, mostly it were just a few sentences per page, like what it's about and the formulas that are used...
Real learning only began this week! Yes, you heard right, THIS WEEK!
I really could kick myself! I'm normally a good learner and am quite quick at it too, but my weak point is relearning stuff I learned before. I read through it with that I-already-know-it-all-feeling, even if it's not 100% true. I just get bored, which is why I should start earlier, so I can take time in between off...
Yeah, we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Don't have the time to spell chack this, so I'm not ging to post it now...
EDIT(without editing any spelling mistakes) 8 hours after the exam: OH MY GOD DID I SUCK!!! First of all, don't worry I passed the exam and my mark doesn't really matter, but god did I suck! I had a total blackout 5 minutes within the exam and couldn't remember the most simple things! Really, the questions the prof asked were soooo easy even without learning(which I did) I should have been able to answer them! Like "what oscillate at em waves?", "what other forces do you know?(had already spoken about weight force)" and "does the weight force change with the height?"...
Hope the next exams(in september/october) will go better. Oh yeah, got a 4+ for it, so I barely passed...

Second story~Attending the FIFA Fan-Fest
My friend and a friend of her's, who is a medical student and works as an paramedic, picked me up and we headed into town. We just barely made it before they closed the gates as there were too many people already(we probably would have gotten through anyway as my friend worked at the VIP thing before and could have gotten us passes to enter). It was a sunshiny, cloud-free day and we headed for a beer(yes, I know that's cliche, but oh so true). It was 1.5 hours before kick-off and we were still waiting for my friends brother and his girlfriend. Anyway, fast forward to the kick of and us at the back of the "arena" right in front of the barier with the cops in full armour behind us(they look rather intimidating if you ask me, all in black with helmets and stuff). We had a lot of fun cheering and hooting when the second half of the first half of the game came and I suddenly felt a bit funny...
...I turned around to my friend to ask her if we could get out for a second, so I could sit down somewhere, when suddenly the world turned monochrome! You know what I mean, black and white with a hint of grey. The next moments were a bit blurry(and quite dark) and thanks that we had a paramedic with us who had worked at the FanFest the previous week. Thanks also for avoiding to go into the crowd and staying in the back. A double thanks to the nice police man who said nice words to me and gave me a bottle of water...
...I was ok after a couple of minutes lieing on the ground with my paramedic holding up my legs(such a cutie btw...). I did go to the medical tent, but after the first half of the match ended could already walk out and imidiately got me some fries. I was also able to meet again with my friends and watch the second half without any more complications, apart from almost being jumped upon(after the goal) and numerous amounts of beer landing on my clothes(good I wore old clothes!). It was fun and the rest of the day was spend partying with only a bit of drinking for me.

Third story~farewell
No, not me, but my best friend. She's going to study for a semester on the other side of the globe, also known as australia! She's flying today and we hadn't really had any time to say farewell! She was busy working to get money to support her there and I was busy studying etc. In the end we have only met once in the last two weeks which was last friday for the game. And in the end that stupid learning didn't even paid off cause I lost my nerves! It just sucks...
...on a brighter note, she promised to check out some yarn stores for me once she has settled down and will send me some things! Not that that compensates for her absence, but atleast we can email each other.

Knitting in the next post(I know, I keep saying this, but this time it's true!*crosses fingers behind*)


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