Saturday, September 30, 2006

birthday give-away

Yes, today is my birthday, but it could be a lucky day for you too!
In order to spread the joy of receiving gifts, I'll enter everyone who comments to this post into a drawing to win some awesome knitting/fiber related gifts!
Since you never know(unless you have "accidently" searched through your mum's ebay-account ;-)) what you'll get for your birthday, the prize for this give-away will be a secret too! I'll however email the winner with a few questions, so someone who already has XYZ doesn't get it again.

P.S.:That is the first birthday card that arrived!

Yes, this is a shameless try to get many birthday wishes and comments in general, a girl gotta try ;-)


Happy birthday... me! According to my clock it's 0:00, so I'm officially 22 and will now go to bed ;-)


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cleaning up AGAIN

It really is a neverending story; a sisyphus task keeping my room clean and in order. I always envy people whose rooms are clean and stay that way. But they probably don't have a ton of hobbys and don't collect things. Well, I do and I take that as an excuse for my untidy room together with the fact that the room isn't much bigger than a prisoners cell.
Anyway, do any of you watch Gilmore girls? If you do, do you remember the episode where Rory shows her grandfather her room and he comments that a few classics are missing in her book collection and then she starts to open drawers etc to reveal her whole collection? I loved that scene, because if I could afford it, my room would be stuffed with books just the same! I love to read and I think I wrote before that I used to buy books instead of toys at a young age. I'm also uncapable of parting with any books I own, even if I don't like them and only read the first chapter. I just can't! But I needed to find a new place for a couple of my books, these(top shelf):

It might not be that visible in the photo, but it was beginning to bend a bit in the middle, always a worrying sign ;-)
An hour later, the books found a new home here(see there was more than one reason for the Gilmore reference):

I'm still a bit worried about my other book shelves which are mounted over my bed directly where my head rests when I sleep! I reduced the books up there and tried to distribute the weight over the whole length, but it's still worrisome(note, you can only see the first row of books, there's actually another row behind this).

No knitting content, sorry.
But have you seen these. Nothing wrong with knitting or crocheting toys, but using Tilli Tomas Silk Chenille...Silk Toys!?!! It's a toy for heaven's sake, the kid will play with it! I wouldn't buy a toy for 52$ if I had a kid.
This goes along a couple of other knitting projects and tools that I have seen recently where I really ask myself what kind of person buys that? And most importantly: Why?


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm a huntress!

The scavenger hunt by Rebecca was a lot of fun! My initial goal was to get all blog pictures, but learning for this exam kept me from it.
The exam will be at 10:30 today and actually I have to leave in an half hour. I'm a lot more relaxed this time, because I don't think I'll pass. I now understand it all which is great, really. I never thought I would understand all this stuff ever. But I didn't had enough time to memorize everything. I barely had two weeks and couldn't learn every day due to...well, there wasn't really a reason other than that I'm not capable of learning every day. If I pass I just had a lot of luck and probably remembered more than I do know, which is very unlikely. Not really a problem though I can repeat the exam. Plus half of the people I know need or needed more time to complete their Vordiplom.

Edit: blogger didn't let me post this before leaving. Well, I'm back now and failed just like expected(though there was a tiny glimmer of hope). Yes, the very first exam I ever failed. I don't even remember the last time in school I got a 5(excluding PE). I had a complete black-out and couldn't get the easiest things right. The first half was ok and if I had continued like that I would have passed though just barely. But after the black-out I didn't remembered a thing. When I left the room I knew I had failed. Before I'm going to try it again, I'll definately learn together with a fellow student, problem I don't know anyone who hasn't already passed this exam!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

quite long post

Yes, I live in Germany, but no I have never ever worn a dindle in all my life and actually know nobody who ownes a Lederhose(correct that, we had a weirdo teacher who wore one once when...embarassing to say the least). Why? Because different from what people outside of Germany might think, Germany does not equal Bavaria!
I live in Northern Germany and despise recent affords with festivals ala Oktoberfest with bavarian themes parties and such, I have managed to stay away from them.
But I couldn't resist joining the Socktoberfest...knitting is a true addiction, no need to explain further.
So what kind of socks will I knit? Most likely these. Yes, they are even called Bayerische...shame on me...
Edit: On second thought-after starting to knit it- maybe I'm not a patterned socks person. Ok truth be told, I ended up with two extra stitches after the first patterned row. I have no idea why,either increased too much or made a mistake in the patterned row, but my guess is the first. I decided to frog the sock. Yes, I could try again, but these are just too difficult. I could probably manage to knit them, but it would take me ages.
Edit2: I think I'll give the Snowflake Lace Socks from magknits a try. I really want to knit patterned socks, it's just when I actually begin knitting them that I seem to get frustrated/bored with them. Anybody feel the same?

I also finished another pair of socks for me:

And inbetween learning I somehow managed to knit this gigantic thing:

What this is? see for yourself:

It's a bag! It's kind of inspired by the Booga bag and it's instructions, just a lot bigger. The yarn is Sansibar from Lang Yarns which is very much like Landscape from Lion Brand according to pictures I have seen. My mum really likes the bag, but there's noway she's getting it ;-)

Currently on the needles is a scarf in the same yarn I knit Tubey with. I have 3,5 skeins left-over and needed a quick mindless knit. Plus I have no idea what to knit next! I searched through my yarn, looked through a couple of mags, but found no real inspiration. I have a few shawls/lace scarves I want to knit, but don't have the yarn in the right color or amount. And actually do I need another lace shawl? Probably not.
I have a couple of yarns that were brought to knit tank tops, but it's fall and one doesn't really need them now.
I also have enough yarn to knit a sweater, but I'm uninspired as what kind of sweater to knit...
...I probably should just quite knitting for awhile and finish some sewing projects...except for socks of course as I need something to do when watching tv. I don't seem to be able to watch tv without knitting anymore! Is that a bad habit?

Tatjana is holding a 'Remember when I loved _____?' contest and I thought I would give it a try. Quit difficult to remember and Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves are not really embarassing. But wait, as a little kid I had a crush on that boy from the neverending story movie, now what was his name?
Jonathan Brandis:
Upps, he commit suicide, didn't knew that!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Swaps are cool

Just a short post to show the beautifull things I got from two wonderfull ladies from swaps at
First a package from Laura who acted as a swap angel after my original partner flaked. The packaged contained this awesome fuled bag with needle felted stars on it which was inspired by the flag of Alaska! For the coffee junkie me there was some coffee and some selfmade strawberry and kiwi jam.
Thank you very much!

Then I got a package from Phizzychick for the birthday swap. My birthday is on the 30th, but curious me couldn't wait to open it. Inside were some amazing hair pins and brooches and a Terry Pratchett book!

My favourit is this butterfly brooch, I love butterflies and it's attached to my black blazer now.

Just in case you're wondering why this girl keeps blogging so much when before she said she had to learn so much, I am actually also learning. Want proof? Here:


Monday, September 18, 2006

mission impossible

Mission: Blocking a lace stole in a room the size of a prison cell
Trick: fold stole in half then block it!

The total length of the stole? About 2,40m X 0,60m!!! I never thought it would be so long, but I like it. It drapes really nice. I would show you an action shot, but I'm still wearing Pj's and don't plan on changing today ;-)
You might notice that I didn't pined it 100% straight. Well, I used the string method, but it still took me about 45 minutes to wash+pin and I just didn't had the patience to spend another 15min straighting it out...

And here's proof I really had to block it the way I did, not enough space to do otherwise!


Finished Projects

Here's a list of all my finished projects. Well, not all actually as I only began keeping track in mid 2005, but began knitting in 2004. They are roughly in a chronological order. If the name of the knit is a link it will lead you to the pattern source, the second link will get you to my blog post of the finished object. There are a few things I don't have a any pic of though.
You can also see most of my knits here.

  • honeymoon
  • Completed
  • M-day project
  • Completed
  • Lelah vs.2
  • Completed
  • Sturd the weaver
  • Completed
  • the hol(e)y shawl
  • Completed
  • the cursed shawl
  • Completed
  • Lelah
  • Completed
  • My slippers
  • Completed
  • Branching-out
  • Completed
  • Mum's reggae bag 2
  • Completed
  • OSK
  • Completed
  • mini kiri
  • Completed
  • stripey scarf
  • Completed
  • Safari lace
  • Completed
  • coronet for dad
  • Completed
  • multi-reggae scarf
  • Completed
  • two multis
  • Completed
  • coronet for me
  • Completed
  • coronet head band
  • Completed, no pic
  • little cable cardigan
  • Completed
  • turqois kiri
  • Completed
  • test socks
  • Completed
  • birthday socks
  • Completed, no pic
  • Klaralund
  • Completed
  • grey scarf
  • Completed, no pic
  • Clapotis
  • Completed
  • coat-matching scarf
  • Completed
  • mini sock
  • Completed
  • Stoppino hat
  • Completed
  • Stoppino scarf
  • Completed
  • Stoppino hand warmers
  • Completed
  • happy sickness socks
  • Completed, no pic
  • golden Kiri
  • Completed
  • CiCi-Sweater
  • Completed
  • socks for grand-aunt
  • Completed, no pic
  • black hat/scarf set
  • Completed
  • two pairs of last-minute-christmas-socks for cousins
  • Completed, no pic
  • socks for me
  • Completed, no pic
  • mock-me-not socks
  • Completed
  • Rebecca 30 sweater
  • Completed
  • black sweater
  • Completed, no pic
  • socks for my mum 3
  • Completed, no pic
  • Cozy 2
  • Completed
  • mock-me-not socks 2
  • Completed
  • mKlaralund 2
  • Completed
  • silk sweater
  • Completed
  • fat bottom bag1
  • Completed
  • fat bottom bag2
  • Completed, no pic
  • rainbow socks
  • Completed
  • sneaker socks
  • Completed
  • test sweater
  • Completed
  • lace ladder socks
  • Completed
  • purple doily
  • Completed
  • mum's reggae top
  • Completed
  • Avior sweater(Schachenmayr Inspiration)
  • Completed
  • Secret SP project
  • Completed
  • Mystery Shawl 2
  • Completed


    Saturday, September 16, 2006


    Third try: Making a shawl pin
    This time using brass wire I found at the hardware store while searching for cork to make my own pinboard(didn't find anything suitable).
    Thanks to this great tutorial my first try almost looks like a real pin, a bit deformed, but a pin nonetheless.

    Consequently the second try was much better. Still a bit wonky, but if in use you can't see it at all!

    There would have been a third pin by now, but my fingers hurt a bit from bending the wire. It was quite a wrestling thing to get the wire to take the shape I wanted especially bending one end around the pin(left in the pics).
    Nevertheless once my financial situation has sorted(mid-october most likely) I will definately buy one of the cool pins from Chris. Have you seen the sheep pins?!! Or the dragonfly pins?!!

    I haven't learned much yet for several reasons unrelated to the crafting(and knitting btw.). I had major headaches and cramps; yepp, it's that time of the month. Once my exams are over and I have a bit more time, I'm definately going to pay a doctor a visit...

    Anyway, I also finished knitting the purple sweater, but it will need a lot of blocking right now. The arms are a bit too short and my knitting is more uneven then normally. The Shine Sport was quite slippery, but so worth it!

    I also decided that I won't send my friend a bag. She would have to get it back to Germany and before she left already complaint about how she should get everything back again. So she's getting a homesickness-package instead filled with german goodies and an article about Hamburg ;-)

    P.S.: my dad is the worst sick person ever! He's acting like a little kid! We're talking about a grown man, who despite his several health issues in the past few years still looks intimidating according to various of my friends(he's really nice though). Honestly, one more stupid question of him or an "I won't go to hospital tomorrow if I don't feel better" and I'm going to scream! Yes, it's probably just a cold, but it could also be something else! [for example malaria though highly unlikely now]

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    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    crafty day

    Before starting to learn for the next exam(28th), I'm declaring today as the crafty relaxing day! Blogging will probably slim down to next to nothing after this post, cause the next exam will be a lot harder and the subject is much more difficult(logic, algorithms, petri nets etc).
    So, what did I knit so far? I finished the pair of baby-kids socks. It's size 18 and I hope they fit my cousin...well, kids grow fast it will eventuelly fit.

    Here's an inprogress pic of the purple sweater.

    Have I ever showed a pic of the Noro Cardigan? Well, here is one:

    It's still missing the arms as the metal DPNS I own are much too heavy to knit the arms in the round.

    Otherwise I'm planning on knitting a shawl/scarf complementing my new coat. Unfortunately I don't have any suitable yarn, so I have to buy yarn...
    I'm thinking about using
    this or this or this or this or this or ...

    I also want to sew a bag for a friend. Her birthday is shortly after mine and at the moment she's in australia. I know, a package probably won't reach her in time, but I had to learn before, right?
    She really likes one of my own bags so I'm going to make her one too.

    P.S.: Currently listening to planetrock, but just in the morning->Alice Cooper is the DJ!



    Really, there was no reason to be nervous. This is one of the more easier subjects, also easier to talk about. Nevertheless my heart beat a bit faster before I entered the room ;-)
    Apart from some minor temporare blackouts and one minor thing I really got wrong, the exam went well. I got a 2.7[remember 1 is the best 6 the worst and you still pass with a 4.0]. It of course could have been better, but also much worse.
    I'm relived, cause with this exam I have passed 8 out of 10 exams and that means I'll continue to get Bafög(federal student aid)! Only two more exams to get my Vordiplom(~intermediate exam)!
    Thank you all for your thoughts!

    More knitting/sewing news and photos tomorrow, now I'm going to get me a beer and watch tv!



    not much more to say than that I'm experiencing the first syndroms of exam anxiety: Have I learned enough? Have I learned the right things? etc.
    Why o why does my exam have to be at 17:30? I'll leave home at around 15:45, that's more than three hours to go!
    I wish it was a written exam, really I don't have any problem with thoses!


    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    boring pictureless post

    Knitting update:
    -I have finished the first sleeve of the purple sweater during our little visit. This yarn(Shine Sport) is soooo lovely! And if you should live in the US, it's on sale now. Yes, I get the KnitPicks newsletter, though I can't order from them *insert swear-word*. I don't think I would order if I could anyway cause shipping would be expensive.
    -I started knitting kid's/baby socks again, but now for my younger cousin. I have no idea what size she has, so I started with 11 stitches per needle. I'm using some Lana Grossa TeamColor yarn that was manufactured for the WorldCup. I got it on sale for half-price with almost every country color left except for Germany ;-) I'm using Argentina yarn, though I doubt anyone will ever get it, it's just blue and white stripes or in this case blocks.

    As for my upcoming exam, I'm pretty confident. I had some doubts on sunday, so I took my learning matrial, paper and pen and went off into the nearby park. Learning outside in the sun is much more motivating and after an hour I had read all the paper I had with me and wrote down some notes answering questions previously asked by this prof during exams. I'm so glad other students wrote down how their exams went and what questions they were asked, it's really helpfull and reduces the stresslevel from 10 to 8. Yes, I'm still nervous and no amount of learning will reduce it. After how the last exam went...
    This will be my last blog post untill after the exam, which is at 17.30(!) on wendnesday.

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    fleamarket finds don't count... any kind of yarn diet! Yes, that's the truth and I'm sticking to it, besides nobody could have past that bargain. But first things first: weatherman/lady your in trouble should I ever meet you! They said that the saturday would be a wonderfull sunny day in WHOLE wasn't at the coast! It didn't really rain as in getting totally soaked, but there was more than just a few drops which sucks when going to a fleamarket especially when you're only wearing a light cardigan over a dress(fortunately I was wearing some linnen pants too). I made some great bargains nonetheless. My mum on the other hand only brought some self-made bread ;-)
    Here is a pic of it all:
    There's a whole plastic bag with undyed yarn(it's not as white as in the pic) which is probably cotton or a cottonmix. Haven't weighted it yet, but I guess it's about 1kg for 6€!!!
    And finally I found a pot for dyeing yarn. It's really hard to find a bigger pot at the fleamarket and I didn't wanted to buy a new one just for yarn dyeing.
    There's also two needle cases with DPNs and circulars together for 4€! The woman was a friend of my mum's cousin's wife, so we got them for less ;-)
    Having just envied the vintage bags at that website I just had to buy the one you can see in the pic for 1,50€! I really love fleamarkets, don't know what I would do without them!
    There's also a brooch which is actuall a birthday present for me from my mum, so theoratically I would have to wait untill I can use it...
    At the bottom are a few postcards and notepads with pictured/prints of Cuxhaven/the coast.
    Here are a few close-ups:

    After yesterdays scores it was inevitable that today I wouldn't find much. I only brought this needle case which is for straight needles...yes, I know I just sewed one and I don't own that many straights anyway, but it's kind of cute and I just had to buy something...


    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    cleaning up my closet

    Before(click to make bigger):


    Unbelievable how much yarn I have and there's another big plastic bag and one small box in my mum's closet! I have sorted out alot, three bags of junk and one bag each of fabric and yarn to put up on Ebay or freecycle, haven't decided yet.
    Once I have more time I'll sort through my whole yarn and fabric stash, but that could take some time. [totally forgot to add in the pic: there's another box with craft supplies under the fabric box!]

    Otherwise I spent the last hour browsing through this website. OMG, I love this vintage stuff! Wish I would find something like those dresses at a fleamarket just once. Warning, don't check out the handbags, seriously don't, you'll want to buy them! A bit pricey though...
    I do own an approx. 1950 tweed skirt suit, but it's a bit too wide now and instead of hitting my waist drops down to hip level :-(

    Ok, I'll be gone over the weekend. I'll visit my grand-aunts with my mum and of course a fleamarket(actually two, one on saturday and another on sunday). Cross your fingers for sunshine and warm weather please! Forcast looks good so far, but we'll be at the sea and you never know there.

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    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    I LOVE it! [Edit now with pic]

    Despite the surprisingly warm(but windy) weather, I brought a new coat today and as the title says, I love it! It's from Gudrun Sjödén new fall collection. I got the new catalogue yesterday and with it a 20% voucher for my favourit piece of the collection. So my mum and I went into town today to have a look at the coat and there was only one in my size left! The regular prize would have been 129€ which I don't find that kind of expensive if you keep in mind the quality and that even coats at H&M aren't much cheaper. But now comes the deal, the coat was already reduced 10% because of an anniversary promotion. Normally, the very nice saleslady told me there would be no futher discount, but she made an exception for me!!! Yes, I only paid 92.80€ for this fantastic coat! I can't wait for it getting colder!
    [the camera batteries are dead at the moment, so you'll have to wait for a pic. But you can see the coat at the online shop. It's the Octavia coat in blue]

    I found out my camera had one of those self-timers and this is the first time I tried it. Please ignore the hair-do, haven't washed my hair yet and the fringe is getting too long already.

    On a side note, the shop is in the posh shop area of town(Armani etc.). Seems like knitted cardigans with cables are going to be hot this winter. Every window we looked into had atleast one of them.


    Monday, September 04, 2006

    less learning, more knitting/sewing

    Yes, I had a major I-can't-learn-any-more-and-I-don't-want-to-anyway-moment this weekend. I just couldn't bring myself to learn even a tiny bit, so I didn't. I have this theory that if someone is forced to learn though he doesn't want to, he won't remember a thing of it. Atleast that's the way I feel, but don't worry, the weekend is over and so is this irrational behaviour ;-)

    Instead I knitted and sewed a bit. The front of the purple sweater is finished and I casted on for the back. I also finished this pair of socks for me. Somehow they remind me of a melon salad!

    As you can see I got bored of simple stockinette socks. I wish I had the patience at the moment for (lace-)patterned socks, but that will have to wait(I love the snowflake socks in the newest magknits!).
    And then I sewed two simple shopping bags for me. I have a lot of cotton fabric(including old curtains like the flower one you can see below) that has been laying around for ages. Sometimes it's only left-overs from past projects. These easy bags are perfect for these fabrics and they are much better(+ less embarassing) then my mum's eco-friendly ones(these light beige ones mostly with green prints to underline just how eco-friendly they are...).

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    Friday, September 01, 2006

    inbetween knitting + shopping

    I can't learn 24/7, since when I take a break, it's sort of a good idea not to spend more time on the computer, I knitted inbetween learning!
    I finished the second pair for my cousin and started a pair of socks for myself too.

    I began knitting a simple sweater out of the Shine sport, nothing fancy, but with a deeper v-neck.

    I also sewed a needle case for my DPN's and though I had no real idea what I was doing and didn't do any kind of math beforehand, it came out ok!

    And now to the shopping part. I drove to the "Stoffmarkt Holland"(=fabric market) today and apart from a 30 minutes odyssee-one road was closed and I had no idea where the hell I was-I found the way quite fast. In the ads they said that around 140 booths would be there which I can't verify, but it was big and kind of overwhelming nonetheless! I wandered around once without buying anything to get a good overview of the fabric selection and then very well considered every purchase in my next two turns around the market ;-)
    After an hour, I decided against a fourth round and drove home. I'm quite proud of myself and my self-control as I did NOT spend all the money I had!
    Here's what I brought:

    -pink-purple quilting fabric; 2+m for 4€
    -blue-mudcolored corduroy; 1,5m for 5€
    -flowered brown corduroy; 1,5m for 5€
    -fake leather in fawn; 1m for 2€
    -blue quilting fabric; 1+m for 2€
    -blue jersey; 3m for 9€
    -purple fake leather; 1m for 2€
    There are also two different ribbons. The smaller one is for bag in combination with the purple fake leather and I want to make a belt out of the bigger ribbon.
    Here's a close up of the ribbon:

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