Friday, March 18, 2005

new day-new project

My mum works as an "home help"(not sure that's the right word?) for older people who can't manage the household themself. One of them, an really old lady complained about her cold feet in bed, so my mum wanted to knit her some bed-slippers.
Guess who volunteered to do the slippers? Yes, me. Like I don't have any other projects. I'm using this pattern.
And here's the yarn I'm using, but it's a lot more purple:


I also did begin to test a few other lace pattern. Now I think the father and fan is my favourite.

Today I found out there's another LYS near me-like 20 minutes with the car. Well, I thought, let's see how it is. Just took a short look at the route planner cause I have been to that small town(better area) before. I can find my way easily, it's just driving straight untill that road and then turn right.....
See my fault? I felt uneasy when I started the car and drove left like the route planer had told me...
Well, I got completely lost! I drove around for 30 minutes and realised there was something totally wrong. I decided to try to follow the signs back to my hometown...
and voila there was the LYS!!!!
That was so not the way that stupid route planner had told me!!!
Anyway the LYS was closed and would reopen at 14.30, so I drove home. This time the right way, I remembered from visiting a friend a few years ago....
The fault? Well, I should have driven right from my house, not left...
I'm never going to use a route planner again!


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