Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mock-me-not socks

Ever since I began knitting socks, I wanted to try out patterned socks. But somehow I never found a pattern that was easy enough to watch tv while knitting AND in my size AND not boring.
So, I made up my own. It's nothing extra special and I'm sure there are others out there who have knitted socks like these, but I wrote down a little pattern for you anyway. Just in case someone like me searches for an easy patterned sock.
Why they are called mock-me-not? Well, first of all it's a mock cable pattern and second my mum made fun of me, when I showed her the first patterned sock! "Oh, will I get traditional bavarian socks next birthday?!!" No, mum. You'll get a fun fur scarf for that comment ;-P

Mock-me-not socks

[I'll upload a better pic soon, you can't really see the cable pattern here]

Size: given with my size(EU 40), but can be modified for bigger or smaller feet.
Materials: 4-ply sock yarn, DPNS and a needle(for weaving in ends)
gauge: well, whatever sock yarn has(never made a swatch, sorry)

Please Note: This is not a tutorial on how to knit socks(see here for a great tutorial) So I won't give directions on the heel etc.

Stitches used:
~2X2 Rib: 1.Round: *K2,P2*
~Mock cable 1: 1.,2.,3. Round: *K2,P2*
4.Round: *K second stitch on the needle before K first creating a cable, P2*
~Mock cable 2: 1.,2.,3. Round: *P2,K2* P2
4.Round: *P2,K second stitch on the needle before K first creating a cable* P2

CO 60sts and divide the sts evenly on the needle.

Work in 2X2 Rib for 8 rows
Continue in Mock cable 1, begin with Row 4, untill it's as long as you want it.

Work Heel over half the stitches, make sure that the stitches you are not working on begin with P2 and end with P2(this will
be impotant if you changed the number of stitches for the CO!)

After the heel:
Work the bottom stitches in stockinette and the others in Mock cable 2., don't forget the gusset shaping if you need it

Work the toe as you always do in stockinette, I worked row 4 of the Mock cable 2 last.



Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Ah great patterned socks idea! Thanks for the tip about the Ewa's wool. I haven't started knitting with it yet but I hope to soon. I am feeling very poorly this week so am not up to my usual blogging capabilities. Congrats on passing your exam too!

5:33 PM, February 22, 2006  

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