Sunday, June 11, 2006

30 things about me

So Kerrie over at HipKnits holds this yarn-winning competition where all you have to do is post 20 things about you. Coincidently I tried to write a 100 things about me thingy when I began blogging, but never made it past 30(I changed a few stats, but it's mostly the one from 2 years ago)!
So here you go:

1. I'm half-indonesian, half-german; my parents met at a club

2. I LOVE spicey and hot food, like the tongue burning stuff.

3. I'm a long wished for child. My parents tried to have a child for three years and after they gave up and where looking into adoption, they received me(same happened when they wanted to have a second child, which is why my brother and I are 5 years apart from another)

4. I love to do crafts of any kind and get easily obsessed with it. This blog and my knitting outcome is a proof for this!

5. I like reggae music as does my mum. We're often going to concerts together.

6. I used to be very concerned about what others think about me. Nowadays I couldn't care less. Wish I had that attitude before!

7. People are mostly shocked, when they visit me for the first time, cause my room is all pink.

8. I don't get excited when seeing a little puppy or a baby.

9. I like horror movies and can't stand love stories.

10. I love to read! My english mark went up from a 3- to a 1- due to the fact that I read books in their original english version.

11. Most of my friends think that I have a weird music taste, cause I like literally everything apart from techno.

12. I refused to smoke when I was younger and kids in my class started smoking, in my senior year I was known to be the first in the smoking area even during 5 minutes breaks!

13. No, I don't want to quite smoking!

14. I like drinking water and hate anything coke etc.

15. Apart from water I love cocktails and vodka...pure...

16. I think I'm the last person in my former class when it comes to the first "real" drink. I just didn't want to drink alcohol ;-)

17. When I was in 6th grade people thought I was atleast 16 if not 18 years old. That was due to the fact that I was 1,65m and was dressed quite fashionable and always wore make-up! My typical outfit then? -black fabric pants, a black blazer, a colored blouse and boots with high heels. Mind you, I was 12-13 at that time!

18. When I was actually 16, I totally changed my clothing attitude and wore normal jeans and oversized sweaters untill two years later I realised while dressing for a party I didn't had one black pants!

19. I now wear what ever I want and I like to think that I dress different from others and any "trend". I think I finally found "my style", which allows me to wear anything I want.

20. My mum is one of my best friends, though we only get along for a few weeks/months, untill...

21. of us goes overboard. Mostly I have to admit that it's me starting to scream and get into a horrible outburst of fury. Mostly it's over nothing...

22. Nobody believes that I'm capable of #21, cause I'm always so calm and reticent

23. I wanted to be the best in class when I first came to school. I had the best report card in third grade and stopped learning in fourth grade , cause I got bored.
When I changed school I had the same goal and achieved it in six grade. My marks were always good, but I never bothered to learn much, cause I knew for myself I was better then the other ones who were learning all day to get good marks while I was reading books and watching TV ;-))

24. Ok, I'm probably a bit arrogant!

25. I watch people a lot and also listen to what they say. I think that I can pretty much tell if someone is honest or not. My friends are sometimes surprised at what I remember from talks that we had weeks before.

26. I'm stuffed with information and knowledge that I did not acquire in school. If one of my friends or family has a question they ask me.

27. Eventhough I get along quite well with my parents I wish I could afford to live on my own, but alas apartment prices in Hamburg are high!

28. I'm studying computer science.

29. I haven't been on a scale since atleast 2002! I don't care about my actual weight anymore. The only thing that counts is whether my pants fit or not. I lost a lot of weight aka three clothing sizes since High school.

30. I'm an organized slob. I'm really great in organzing my things, but even better at restoring the natural order of my room.


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