Sunday, March 11, 2007

Swap projects

I've been in a couple of craftster swaps lately and therefore couldn't post pics of some of my finished projects. But now that they've been received, feast your eyes:
1. dyed roving

I loved how the left one came out and debated parting with it. In the end I told myself that my swap partner might just like it as much as I do and send it.

2. knitted leg warmers

These are the first leg warmers I ever knit. I was a bit anxcious if they would fit, but my partner sais they fit perfectly! You might recognize the yarn, it's the same selfdyed lamb yarn I used for one of my sweaters and I still have left-overs from it!

3. heart swap

This is by far the best bag I ever sewed, if I might say so myself. I loved it so much I wanted to keep it for myself! I already cut some pieces to reproduce it for myself, but have to change the colors since I don't have enough of all the fabrics anymore.
And just because I'm so proud of it, more pics:

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