Friday, March 09, 2007

What next?

So, the kimono dress was a no-no, the vintage dress was ok, but not perfect. Which one should I try next? I've got three more patterns that I could test(click to make bigger):

1. Butterick 3076
Would prefer the A version cause I fear the back of version B would gap when I wear it. It sais it is suitable for light weight broadcloth/linen/denim, so I should have something in my stash for it.
2. Burda young fashion 8174
Here too I would sew the A version since it has straps. Can't wear anything without a bra and don't own a strapless bra anymore( or better to say the one I have is one cup size to big, the downside of loosing weight).
3. Burda 8353
I love the fabric of version A and really like the dress, but I fear I don't have fabric for this dress. I have a black fabric with a black flowery embroidered pattern on it that might work, but it also has holes(lace) in it and I would need to add lining to it.

In the mean time I finally managed to organize my postcards and put some of them up:

Darn, I just realized while looking at the pic, that some of the cards though they have been secured with double tape moved and know you can see some of the brown background!

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Anonymous AmyP said...

I'd go for the second pattern (the 50s-style Burda one). I think it would really suit you.

3:49 PM, March 09, 2007  

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