Tuesday, February 20, 2007


or another post without real pics.
I've finished a few projects, but they either haven't been blocked yet or are in the washer. Also I've been rather busy with secret pal or swapping projects I can't blog about. That's part of the reason the blog was so quite lately. I actually started writing two posts, but never completed them. I was just not in a blogging mood lately and would rather knit or sew than sit in front of the computer. This mood has changed, but now I have nothing to really blog about...typical!
It's just like shopping for clothes, if you are broke there are a thousand pieces you would buy if you could and then if you have the money you can find nothing that you like or that fits you. This is more or less what clothing shopping is like for me at the moment. I'm searching for a black skirt and where there were plenty of them before I can find none...atleast not in my size. Which is a whole complain in itself. How is it that what ever size I have the clothes I like always have a different one? I've been looking for some great vintage dresses lately, found a few really nice dresses at a fleamarket last sunday and they all were too big! Like two clothing sizes two big...
Though I ended up buying a few patterns at the fleamarket to sew my own dresses and a vintage knitting mag:

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