Thursday, March 31, 2005


Ok, I think, I screwed up my math test. Which is really, really bad. I try not to be panicing, instead knitted and took some photos.
Here are my slippers, which were done in 3 hours total. I love them and I'm currently wearing them ;-)


And the fuzzy pillow I did out of Lana Grossa "Pep". It's really soft. It's supposed to be closed by buttons on the back, but I'm too lazy to sew the buttons on...


Then I talked to a friend after my test disaster and in order to brighten me up, she told me she had a littel easter present for me. So, I needed to make her a superfast present too:

for Conni


And an update on the Sommertop. The front is now to the point where I have to decrease, but somehow my calculations are gone. I should stop writing important stuff on these little papers. They get lost so fast....



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