Monday, March 28, 2005

purple unevenness

Apart from studying math today(big test tomorrow!) I felted the bag today.
It felted good, just not the same amount everywhere...
I think that's due to the fact, that the yarn was a thick'nthin one. In total it shrinked to half its size and now just has the right one for carrying knitting projects or a book. I'm going to line both of them once I did get pass tomorrows test.

I'm currently searching for Kool Aid overhere and so far haven't found a better place then Ebay. They import it directly from the US though and I'm a bit afraid of that. But the two online shops which did send from Germany
a) sold them for 0,89€
b) took to much postage
or/and c) didn't had the colors I wanted
Really disappointing...


Blogger Atti said...

Hi, nice to read your blog. As for the KoolAid: maybe you can ask Gabi at Wollpoldi (, almost at the end of the site. Maybe she has the colors you want - it's worth a try, right?
Have a nice day, Atti

1:05 AM, March 31, 2005  

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