Thursday, March 24, 2005

woken by the postman

I had such a sweet dream and then the doorbell rang...
but hey, the packet did make up for it!
I brought these over ebay and I'm quite happy about it. The yarn is 100% wool and will be dyed and felted! And the bag handles are great too. Instead of buying them for 10€, I spent 1,99€!!!

Yesterday my friend rang at 21.00 and since the door is closed by 20.00 I had to speed down the 3 floors! But what don't you do for a friend?!
She just wanted to wish my happy Eastern since she won't be here over next weekend.
And she gave me these:

No, they are not for your feet! They are for bags or other crafty things(haven't found out yet, but like the purse idea).
It was nice of her, but I hope she doesn't feel obliged, because my mum gave her these things for her first household. I mean it were left-overs and things we didn't need anymore! My mum collected them for me, but it will take some time till I leave home....


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