Saturday, March 26, 2005

Craftstore story

I went to the craft store today with no real plan as what to buy. That's always a bad idea, cause I end up with more things then I should...
I saw that they had small diameter dowels and took two of them. Next to me a woman also took some dowels.
Then I picked up a bamboo ring to use it for a bag I'm planning to sew.
I wanted to try to attache some wooden balls to the end of my selfmade needles, so I went to the wood rack. There stood the woman with the dowels, searching for balls to fit th dowels...
Ok, grabed some wooden balls and went away.
"Sorry, do you also have bamboo know, for bags" the woman asked a sales girl...
...I had to smile(more like a big grin) and had a hard time not to burst out laughing. I really should have spoken with her though...


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