Thursday, April 07, 2005

One FO and more WIP's

I have finished my Lelah! It's such a wondefull pattern and knits up quite fast.
I was concerned about the yarn I used being to warm, but because of the lace it's even too chilly now to weare alone!
I'm definately doing it again with finer yarn creating a less seethrough effect ;-)
I'm currently looking for some cotton or linnen, cause unfortunately there's nothing in my stash!

Sorry, but I don't feel like changing clothes at the moment:

Here it's before I decided what to use for the lacing(?).

And some of my new WIP's:

This will be a skinny scarf to go with the sommertop. I use the yarn I originally brought for the Lace shawl, but I'm using size 9mm instead of size 4mm needles for a more lacy look.


And in order to reduce my stash I tested this yarn on size 12mm needles(3,5mm needles recommended!). I really like the look of it and was thinking about making a Poncho or shawl out of it. Unfortunately I only have what's on the pic and 2 50g balls.

After uni I went shopping in search of pink hemband(?)for my little cousins dress. Somehow I felt like going into the little patchwork shop, just to look at the fabric I'm never going to buy, because it's to expensive(15€ per meter!). And they had 50% off some of the fabric!!!!!
Now, am I lucky or am I lucky? I brought half a meter of the Japanese girls one and half a meter of the hearty one. I did resist to buy more and only brought what I thought I would definately use with projects in mind.
I've learnt from the past and the fabric stash I own that not every bargain is a real one. Cause if you never use the fabric, it's not exactly a bargain, right?


The stripey blue fabric was on sale in another shop for 4€/m! Yes, I definately feel lucky today! It will become a skirt out of the new Burda magazin. Here's a pic of it: click.
But I'm going to make it a bit shorter cause the pattern sais it's 54cm long.


Blogger Danielle said...

I love the way that the top turned out! And to think it was originally designed to be a skirt! Wonderful job.

5:56 AM, April 08, 2005  
Anonymous christine said...

Lelah came out great! I love that pink! What kind of yarn did you use? You may have wanted to use smaller needles if you wanted it less see-thru. I think I used heavier yarn, plus I knit very tightly, kung fo grip style! (Which isn't good when working with #2's. My hands are KILLING me from working on my daughter's dress right now!)
But I am so glad you knitted this and had fun doing so! Thank you!
My email is, send me a pic to put up in the gallery!!!
Thanks for the kind comments too! They totally keep me going and encourage me!
Love, Christine

6:34 PM, April 08, 2005  

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