Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Recycle it!

I went to the fleamarket last sunday. Yeah! Season started!!!!!
I didn't found yarn worth to buy(only scraps and left-overs), but three sweaters I'm going to recycle!
The one you see at the bottom of this post was a self-knitted sweater! Yes, you read right, this big mass of cables was knitted by a human beeing! As much as I fancy the carfty work behind and marvel the knitters skills, I have to admit its ugliness. In my opinion it's just way too much and it also goes down to my knees when worn(but has the right width!!!). Plus it was done in some kind of acrylic yarn, which doesn't do the work that has been done justice. If I ever spend that much time on a sweater I wouldn't use acrylic yarn.
Anyway, you can't see it in the pics and I forgot to take an additional one, but the seams were sewn perfectly. Wish I could make seams like this! One side was crocheted close, the other looked the same, but was done differently. I have no idea how and after spending 20 minutes trying to find out I frogged it anyway.






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