Thursday, March 22, 2007

new baby!

Yes, I did it, I brought a new sewing machine! After an extensive internet research through sewing machine company websites, online shops and sewing forums I had a list of machines that would be suitable. The "cheapest" cost 199€ and the most expensive one 499€. But of course the cheapest didn't actually have all the features I wanted to have like a one-step-buttonhole and to be honest was only on the list to make me feel like I could live with a cheaper one too(and a bit more money in my pocket).
So I went to the local sewing machine shop, which I only heard good things of. They have sewing machines from different companys and where suppose to be nice and professional...which they were!
I'm not a person who likes to be besieged by salespersons when entering a shop. And the few times I needed assistance while shopping for something I felt alienated, uncomfortable or stupid(in terms of the salesperson thinking of me as stupid-especially happens when buying computer or other technical supplies...). But not this time! The saleswoman listen to what I said, asked a few questions about what I want and my old machine and then demonstrated to me the first machine(a Bernina). She showed me almost everything one can do with it and explained what I could use this and that stitch for etc. I then asked for another machine on my list(my new baby!) and she showed me that one too. Answered all my questions and eventhough she didn't knew the machine 100% showed me everything(the memory function and alphabet!).
What can I say, after a quick walk outside(mainly to smoke a cigarette and find reasons to justify the price of the machine) I brought the second machine she showed me! It's a Smart 200c by Pfaff and I love her already!
It was most definately the right decision to buy this machine and invest the money instead of going with a cheaper one. I tested it thoroughly yesterday and I am now able to sew jersey and stretchy fabric without any kind of trouble! And I didn't even use a ballpoint needle(which if I sew a real garment I of course would) or pin things into place. I was also able to sew through 4 layers of really heavy wool fabric without using a special needle. Ok, when I tried six layers the thread got caught, but if I ever had to sew something like that I would use the right needle anyway and adjust tensions etc. And buttonholes too will never again be a problem!
Now, I would show you photos of my new baby, but first it's now stored in the big closet in my brothers room when not in use so nothing happens to it in my small room. And second my neck muscles still hurt and I am so not lifting anything heavy again today. Yes, I of course had to take the machine home on thursday when the saleswoman offered to put a rope around it to better carry it. Yes, I could have driven back with the car in the evening but with traffic and not knowing when my dad would be back from work with the car I decided that I could carry this big machine home...I learned I can, but it takes its toll especially if your as weak as I am!
Therefore you will have to wait till the next project for photos of it.
Also according to some recent money juggling I might just not be as broke as I thought I would be! I will have to calculate again to be sure, but it looks good.



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