Friday, April 08, 2005

One more FO and even more WIP's

Now there's now way I can deny it, I'm a knitting addict!
First I finished the sommerscarf last evening, next comes the corresponding top!
I used just one ball of yarn and will use the other one for "branchin out". You can never have evenough scarves, right?


I went to "Karstadt" today to get some fabric for a RR-purse and this yarn crossed my way. Since it was only 90 cent per ball I took four of them with me. I'm going to make a purse out of it. Watch for the pattern once I'm finished!


And here's the yarn for my second Lelah. It's "Safari" from GGH yarns. I couldn't resist the color though the yarn is a bit more on the pricey side. Well, so no clubbing for me this month!
I paid for two balls and reserved two more at the LYS. I tried it with 4mm and 3mm needles, but it was to sheer. Now I double it and knit with two strands held together with 5mm needles for the bottom and 4mm needles for the top part.


I also received some KoolAid from Elizabeth. Thank you!
I'm dying to try it out, but have to wait until my parents are out cause they hate this kind of synthetic smell.



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