Saturday, April 09, 2005

surprise! my books!

I ordered the knitting books two weeks ago and was really surprised when they arrived today, cause amazon said they would send them around the 13 of April!
After a long time of thinking which books to buy and recalculating my budget several times I decided to get S'nB Nation and the Knitter's Almanac.
The S'nB is as expected fabulous! There are atleast four projects of it on my want-to-knit-list. Ok, there are also patterns I'm never going to knit, but you'll have that with every pattern book.
I just had a quick look into the Almanac, so I can't judge it now. I'm not in a reading mood at the moment...


I forgot to post a sweater I brought in order to recycle it yesterday. It's a red 80%wool, 20% acrylic sweater from H&M. It was on sale for 1,90€!!!
There's a reason for the really low price I found out when putting it on to make a pic. It's scratchy as hay!


I made a lot of progress on my hol(e)y shawl. I must say that I don't like these big 12mm needles. I'm knitting quite slow with them and my wrist hurt(but that could also be from Sturd).

oh hol(e)y one


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