Tuesday, May 17, 2005

something is missing....

Did you notice it? Well, it took me quite sometime! My Kitty looked a bit weird and not much kitty-like...the whiskers are missing!
How could I forget them? Anyway, I can't find the black yarn I used for the eyes. It must be somewhere in this room, but where?

I also completed the difficult task of making a drop spindle yesterday with the help of my father(and yes, we threw away the broken vase!).

Today I wanted to order some roving for it, but fortunately I had the bright idea of going to the bank before to check my account...where has all my money gone?!!
I checked my account statement...hmm, brought some yarn, new shoes, yarn, yarn...
Argh, I have to stop buying yarn, really I have to. And I have to check my finances more often! Well I postponed the roving to next month. I like to have some money left on my account for unexpected situations...

On sunday I completed the knitting part on my cardigan. It's now a nice sweater. I'm a bit intimidated by this steeking process...

My new project is this top, the modified version of the honeymoon cami from knitty. It knits up quite quickly.

And last but not least sunday's fleamarket finds. Two sewing magazines and fabric. The fabric is a bit impregnated and is destined to become a waterproof bag.
(and no, my fleamarket trips are not to be blamed for the missing money, I only spent 2€ total for these!)


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