Thursday, May 05, 2005

busy week

I should have been learning, but instead I did the following this week:

In the morning I went to the garage to get our car finally fixed.
I so miss driving! I hate to get to the department of computer science by bus+train+bus, cause it can take up to an hour to get there! I only need 20 minutes by car if the roads are clear. I hope we'll get the car back tomorrow and next week I'll be able to drive again to campus.
After that I did some shopping as you can read in my previous post.

I began dyeing 1000g of wool wound into hanks(took me 3 hours to wind and cut it!).
I had some left over dye from another "secret" project and thought I would give it ago. While dyeing this other project I of course tested the dye with a piece of wool. No problem there, so I dyed the whole lot which I had to do in three parts because only 2-3 hanks fitted into the bucket a time. It came out a nice turquoise, but a little darker than I had intended....
I also finished my new university messenger bag! I noticed last semester, that if I really spent a whole day at campus(or even worse at both campus) I don't have enough room for everything in any of my bags except the backpacks(and I don't like them).
So I made this really roomy bag with a little pocket on the front for keys, cigarettes etc.



And since I really just had to assemble the lining and straps on the purse I also sewed myself a pink linnen skirt! I lovelovelove pink!
This fabric was supposed to become a pants last year, but I didn't had enough fabric for the pattern I had chosen AFTER buying the fabric. I know better now.
It's just a really basic shape but it drapes nicely when woren(No, I swear it looks better on a human beeing! Not nearly as boxy!). And it will be fun to wear once the weather decides if it's spring(aka warm) or not.

big skirt

Nothing spezial...learned a bit for uni...brought some needles for my second Lelah and withstood the urge to buy yarn...

Today is fathers day! It's really hard to find a gift for my hobbyless dad, so I had to fall back on a gimmick. I gave him a card with the "Miami Vice" cast and on the back I wrote that this card is a gift certificate for a sofar not defined gift he will receive once it has been found. This gives me the time to think about something;-)

Then I tried to get my dyeing idea working, with unexpected difficulties! Remember the test piece of yarn from the "secret" project? I had dropped it into my left-over KoolAid-dye from last week and when I checked it a day lated it had turned from turquoise to red. So I prepared all hanks and poured some grape unto one skein using the shot... well, it turned kind of grey-purple-something. NOT what I expected, but I liked it too and dyed the skeins in parts with it. Of course red and blue did NOT have any effect on my turquoise yarn. I used that dye to paint another skein.




As for knitting I began to knit my second Lelah today and I think I'm going to finish it this night. The color is a bit more teal than in the pic.



Blogger the knitrider said...

I just found your blog and you make some wonderful things! I just started the lelah top, and was doing searches on it and found your blog! how do you find knitting the lelah top? fun? hard?

4:50 PM, May 05, 2005  
Blogger javede said...

I wrote an answer in your blog!

6:26 PM, May 05, 2005  
Blogger the knitrider said...

thanks for your comments! i started last night on lelah, and it is very straightforward and easy, like you said. I love the yarn on both your lelahs! very pretty!

5:08 PM, May 06, 2005  

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