Monday, May 02, 2005

write more!

Ok, I know one of my biggest flaws is that I always condense my writing. I have so many ideas of what I could write, but always end up with one concentrated paragraph which encompass all I want to say. My biggest strenghth and weekness!
It's sometimes quite handy to be able to reduce a large text or idea in order to talk about it. But on the other hand people might think you don't want to talk to them...
...or that your lazy(one of my teacher once said that to me and I told him he was right and that I didn't thought his class was worth the effort...needless to say I didn't liked a 2(B) anyway!)

So, in short what I want to express is that from now on I will try to write more and not just state "Here's my FO; see pic".

I went to a fleamarket yesterday. Oh, how I love spring. Not because of the flowers and trees-they make me sneeze- but because of the fleamarkets! Is there anything better to do on sundays than to wake up early and go to a fleamarket browsing the stalls? I mean apart from going to church if your religious(which I'm not, but I liked the few services I attended in my life).

The fleamarket yesterday was part of a street festival on Osterstraße which is every year and lasts 3 days from friday to sunday. During this time the street is closed for cars and in the middle(on the street) are various stalls with food and commercial stuff. Even the shops are opened on sunday(NOT normall, even forbidden in Germany!) On saturday and sunday locals sell their own things on the sidewalk on both sides of the street. It's just wonderful and on my top list of fleamarkets.
Here are my finds:

That are three english books, two knitting magazines, one book on "ropecraft", 3 knitting needles. I could have brought so much more, but I restrained myself.

I recently received some more Kool Aid and of course had to test the new colors! This time I "painted" the yarn and used the oven. I really like the color scheme on the left yarn.
I brought 1050g of this yarn for a total of 10€ and I'm going to make some kind of cardigan out of it. Haven't decided on a pattern yet, so if you have any idea please share it with me!
I need somekind of basic pattern, cause I want to dye the whole yarn like the example in the pic-maybe with different colors.

And here's todays shopping pic:

Of course this is craft related and I left out my new white perfect shoes that I have been searching for since last years summer.
~some 55cent-store finds for a certain project I'm not allowed to tell you more about yet.
~wire for making stitch markers. Unfortunately my other wire ended up in a packet I'm going to get back in july.
~three shots for dyeing wool.
~three packages of textildye and salt for it


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