Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where's the drill?

I finally decided to make my own drop down spindle! I have all the material I need, but where's the drill? I asked my dad and he said: "I have three, they must be somewhere in the attic"...thanks dad, somewhere...duh, our attic is stuffed with things up to the ceilling! Therfore I postponed the search untill saturday, so my dad could "help" me aka I want to get him to throw away some of the stuff in the attic. There's no way on earth to repair the china vase my brother broke when he was 8(he has turned 16 last week!).

I also made myself some knitting needles. These are 10mm and 18mm needles. I haven't finished the 18mm needles since my mum just brought 20mm ones at ebay. And that's what I actually need.


My mum and ebay...that's another story. I'm on a yarn diet at the moment, but somehow I always end up with more yarn. I was really strong this time and haven't looked into any online shops or ebay for a week. Guess what happens?
Yes, my mum enters the room saying: "have you seen this yarn at ebay? There's no bid so far and I have brought some other yarn from the seller. We could share the postage"
How could I resist?


It will become a summer top. I don't know what to do with the "left-overs" yet(that are 26 balls!)

I finished the body part on my cardigan and began knitting the first sleeve. It's a really fast knit.


And I finally found some yarn for the HK-tote. I'll be using some test yarn but I have to buy more of it. I hope the yarn is still available!



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