Wednesday, May 18, 2005

unbridled knitting

I can't stop myself from knitting! This is becoming a real addiction!
I might have to join the anonym knitters....
Anyway, here's the finished honeymoon cami. I struggled a bit with the neck part, where you knit the four "strap" parts seperatly. I joined four skeins of yarn and it was quite an adventure from keeping them untangled!
I have only used 175g of the yarn I have, so I have pretty much "left-over". My mum and I decided to "swap" yarn since she also brought too much of one color via ebay.
I might offer some of mine to swap in the future, so stay tuned(or make me an offer ;-) )


As you can see on the right, I don't really have a new project at the moment. The cardigan is now in a bucket filled with water and wool cleaning stuff to get it softer, the bags are not beeing handsewed in the near future due to my vampire needles(yes, they are vampirisitc and always want my blood, I swear!) and the head scarf is my on-the-way-to-campus-project...
So, what to do next? I saw some neat purses-both knitted and felted ones-, but since I hate sewing the lining in, I postponed any new bag projects.
I also don't feel in a lace mood, so no branching out or spiderweb shawl...
Plus, no more yarn buys for atleast this month if not also next month. Therefore new project have to involve the yarn I already own!


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