Sunday, April 17, 2005

Please, don't try this at home

I think I've found the most ugliest dye in the whole wide world!
Here's the story behind my big discovery:

Someday last week I told my mum that you could dye wool with egg dye colors and added that unfortunately I had forgot about it around Easter.
Than my mum had the bright idea of using beetroot cause you also dye eggs with it.
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and also brought a glass of beetroot along with some vinegar. I stopped by my LYS to pick up some white sock wool.
Back home I filled the sink with water and vinegar and put the wool wound in a hank into it.
Next I put the beetroot and additional water into a pot and heated it.
Than I added the wool into it and waited...
It became a light pink! I was soooooooo thriled, but waited longer so it would really be dyed.
After half an hour I opened the pot again to discover a more red kind of color. Ok, I thought, red is good too.
Only to see the color disappear while washing into this:


And yes, that actually is the color of the yarn! I don't even know how to name it!


Blogger The Digital Daytripper said...

Ack! That is sickly!

4:48 PM, April 20, 2005  
Blogger Kathy said...

On my monitor it looks like kind of a coral color. I bet you could find someone who would be interested in it and might even trade you something you like for it!

6:35 PM, April 24, 2005  
Anonymous christine said...

Re-dye it! I think if you use alum it'll help, but double check that! I've got to find my natural dyes book and I'll post some recipes and mortants up!
By the way, love the shawl!!!!!!

5:27 PM, April 25, 2005  
Blogger javede said...

That would be really nice of you Christine! If this dyeing craze of me continues I'm sure I'm going to buy my own book(s).
Thanks for the compliment. I'm now looking for fabric in the same color to make a top out of it. That way I can wear the shawl without anybody noticing the shedding(my mum had the idea!)

3:20 PM, April 29, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like pumpkin to me. Maybe make a fall sweater?

11:52 PM, April 29, 2005  

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