Sunday, January 28, 2007

continuiously added Part 2

1. Been knitting like mad the past few days inbetween learning. I learn a bit, knit a bit and then write down or recite what I remember, then check, learn.....
It's a nice method and I have most of the topics covered now, though I still need to memorize a few arguments. That's one of the harder parts if you ask me, not only knowing what, but why and formaly correct!

2. I knit a pair of socks and started some wrist warmers with the self-dyed sock yarn. I made 1,50m hanks and dyed half of it in one color, the other half in another. It makes a nice one row stripe pattern! I also knit a silk scarf out of some Hipknits silk I still had and used the "seafoam" lace pattern for it. It's really soft and will probably be worn all the time now!

3. I already heard from my Knitty SP and she sure sounds nice! This will be so much fun!!! I didn't had much time for my downstream SP yet, but I brought some yarn for her.

4. How can it be, that half of the jobs offered on the university page(from companies outside of the university) are part-time jobs with more than 20hours per week? Which serious student can do them? Also, why are the working hours in the morning to midday? Atleast I have lectures then! The best of all are job offers for full-time!!! If I work full-time, I can't be studing at the same time now can I?

5. Yes, I'm searching for a job at the moment. A small one with not too many hours, preferably not on the other end of town and so not in retail. I'm not allowed to earn more than 350€ per month or else I lose atleast part of my federal student support. Around 100€/month would be just fine with me in order to save some more for the new tuition fees.
So far I haven't found any, there was always a twist, like it was only fee-based and that means a whole lot of paperwork for me at the beginning of the year for the tax office.

6. My dad is back and he brought some present with him! Apart from some black hair shampoo(the best in the world, really!) and a bunch of pyjamas he got me these fabrics:

I see bags and skirts in the near future!
He also got me these three coordinate fabrics, they are black and gold! Three pieces because that's what you would need for a traditional skirt-top-shawl-combo. It's a really nice woven fabric, but I'm not sure what to make out of it(and no, traditional is out of questions!).

7. OMG, I could...I mean my dad could be rich! Ok, let me explain a bit here first. My dad's dad, my grandfather whom I never met cause he died before I was born, owned a lot of land in and around my dad's home town in Indonesia. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot! He never really sold any of it even when money and so food was tight cause you might get money now, but it leaves faster than land(clever man). When my aunts(I had five!) married they all got some of that land to build their own houses and start a family. Nevertheless the bigger part of those lands was passed down to my father as the oldest son of the family. Most of these lands are somewhere in the middle of the island or around(and on top) of a mountain where nobody wants to live anyway. But among the lot is also a small island near to the coast line and a bit of the coast line too! For years now there had been talk about various people wanting to buy it for different reasons among them building a hotel... apparently some of these people offered my dad a whole chunk for the land this time...but he refused!!!
One day when I have more time I'll tell you about the lands that my grandmother passed down to my singapur!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabric! What a great dad you have!

--Your Secret Pal

8:19 PM, January 29, 2007  
Anonymous AmyP said...

great fabric!

3:48 PM, January 30, 2007  

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