Monday, January 15, 2007

short, shorter...

...the shortest presentation in class: approx. 30 minutes, probably less. I'm just not able to speak slowly when confronted with a room full of people listening to me. I just can't slow down! And therefore my rather short presentation was a lot shorter than it should have been. I also tend to oversimplify and leave out lengthy explanations, especially when I think that eveybody should know what I talk about. Definitely happened today. Anyway, the organizers were nice, gave a few suggestions for the next presentation and said that that is what this course and univesity in general is for, learning!
Now it's all learning for the exam!
In crafty news, I got some superduper cheap undyed sockyarn for 2.40€/100g and will order some more dye for it. Sesam has grown quite a lot, mostly in the evening while mindlessly watching tv. Sewed a few shopping bags in the wee hours one morning and can't wait till my dad comes back from his 2-month(though VERY rainy) vacation cause he brought a bunch of batik fabrics for me!

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Anonymous AmyP said...

Keep going - you can make it!

8:38 PM, January 15, 2007  

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