Monday, January 08, 2007


This will probably be the last post for a long time. Remember that exam I did not pass last year? I will give it another try on 2. February and therefore have to learn lots and lost for it. I really have to pass this time, in order to not have wasted a semester as no credits I will gain will count if I fail to pass this exam before the credits are given! Yeah, talk about pressure here...
Anyway, there are a few things I would like to blog about before I will drop from the bloggers world(will probably not read many blogs either).
First two projects I finished. I really love tams, the Reggae kind. When I saw this pattern over at knitandtonic, I fell in love. I immediately searched through my stash and found some yarn in the right gauge, casted on and was finished within a did not look that great. It was ok, but the yarn was much too heavy and wouldn't really drape, therefor creating pointy bits where the decreases are.

So I took the pattern and hat with me to my LYS to ask for a more approbriate yarn and found some Lang Yarns "Tosca" in the sales bin! It was the perfect yarn texture-wise, so I brought all of it and recalculated and knit and was happy!

Here's my beloved childhood doll modeling them both:

The blue one is a bit slouchier as I increased far more stitches, but I like them both.

I've completed a few other small things like socks and wrist warmers, but don't have the time to blog about it. Neither the time to blog about the fabulous things I received in the mail lately. Sorry!
But here's a link to a competition I participate in. You can see my contribution here . You can also vote for me folowing the first link, clicking on my project picture and then on the stars. Of course you can also vote for others ;-)

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Anonymous AmyP said...

I wish you lots of luck with the studying - try not to get too stressed! :)

4:34 PM, January 08, 2007  

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