Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas!

I hope you all have some nice and preferable relaxing holidays whether you celebrate christmas or not!
We surely did/do! Yesterday we went to my aunts house for dinner. It was nice gathering including the visit from santa, gift exchange and singing. Though one couldn't get my brother to sing ;-)
Afterward we headed home and my mum any I changed into more casual clothes and off we went to a concert. Now, it wasn't the kind of concert most people would expect on christmas, it was a reggae concert of course! It's a pretty traditional concert that takes place every christmas eve here in hamburg, but it's the first time I went with my mum. It was her second time and if my dad would have been here we wouldn't have gone cause after all christmas is not just about gifts, but also spending time with family. So we let my brother play his new computer games all night(he really was still playing when we came home!) and spend the night listening to reggae tunes.
The official beginning of the concert was 22.00, but we knew it would begin later so we were ther at 23.00, which was still a bit too early. It ended at about 3am!!! The main act was Jamaica Papa Curvin.
I have to go now and check on the fiber I'm dyeing and yes, I'm aware of the time, but I slept rather long today ;-)
Gifts, new projects etc to be posted tomorrow or later this week!

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