Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year!

Wow, 2006 really went fast, didn't it? I consider it a good year despise the not-so-good things that happened. There weren't many of those things and most turned out well in the end. For example my dad's last employer going bankrupt, but him finding a new one without really intending too.

I didn't went out for New Year`s Eve instead I stayed at home with my mum. I didn't even called anyone to ask what they would be doing, cause let's face it, the last New Year`s Eves weren't so great and I can very well live without it. Besides it rained rather heavily yesterday night which didn't stopped people from lightening fireworks...
...especially that skyrocket that landed on our balcony which is packed full of stuff that probably is inflammable was "fun". Don't worry though I got there in time with a bottle of water(yes, the rocket was still sparkling!). There are three things I learned from this incident:
1. people are stupid and should not be given firework
2. we should move the stuff on the balcony elsewhere
3. my mum is no good in stressfull situations
oh, actually there are four:
4. I would have made a good firefighter, I think ;-)

Not much else has happened the last few days as we cleaned up the attic. Let's just say that it's astonishing what a family can accumulate over the years! I should have taken before and after pictures, though we really aren't finished yet. I have already driven three times to the recycling center and atleast two more drives will be needed to get rid of junk we didn't even know we still had! A couple of things will be auctioned off at Ebay though among them my keyboard(yes I had one, no I can't play...) , 3(three!) editions of Trivial Pursuit and yarn.



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