Friday, February 02, 2007

The exam

The Exam
It all started with a quiet good omen before I left the car. They played "We are the campions" last and yes, I sang loudly with Mr. Mercury ;-)
I got a bit nervous when I stood infront of the building smoking a last cigarette, but I fought it down with singing "We are the campions" in my head transforming it to "I am a clever girl" and similare encouraging lines. Well, it helped!
The exam started a bit late cause the prof had to sort out something with another student and his final paper(the final final one, that everyone has to write at the very end!). No problem for me, I didn't get nervous at all.
When we finally got to the room where I was to be examined(wow, who else is thinking about pathologists now?) the first question the prof asked was if the chair was ok or that I could take one of the cushioned chairs. I declined, but it was a nice first question :-)
The exam went well, the questions where clearly made, now misunderstandings at all. He only once asked a question where I though "Huh?", but immediately said himself that that was probably an unclear question and rephrased it!
There were a few times I couldn't answer at all or not as deeply as I should have, but on the other hand the other topics I could discuss in depth! And everything I did say and all defintions/formulas I wrote down where correct!
This exam went so much better than the last try which was due to two facts. First I had learned much more and second this prof was soooooooooooooooooo much nicer! I have no idea why everybody had said that his exams where more difficult than the ones of the other prof. It's just not true! Yes, he wanted everything formaly correct and I had to write down alot of definitions/equations, but the other prof wanted that too. And on one topic(turing machines) the other prof didn't liked that I made a drawing first explaining the different components first before I gave the tupel definition. This prof(the nice one) asked me to make a drawing first!!!
Anyway, I got a 2.3 in the end which I never would have thought I would get!

On the other hand I decided to not take any more exams this semester. Every exam from now on will count for my diploma and I want to do well. Besides all the later dates for exams(march) have already been taken. I will learn for those exams nonetheless and then try to make early appointments during the next semester for them.



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