Friday, February 02, 2007

pre- and post-exam-crafting

Eventhough I learned a lot, I still found the time to knit and craft a bit. It were mostly just easy mindless projects inbetween learning. I don't remember 100% what I already bloged about and what not, but since I probably didn't post any pictures with it, I will just post anyway.

1. Shopping bags:

Those are quite easy shopping bags that I use when I have to go grocery shopping or want to wear one of my tinier handbags ;-) Hmm, I think one is missing or did I just make three???

2. Dyeing yarn:

This is all sock yarn and some of these have already been used. The yarn itself is really nice and I love working with color and the surprising results.

3. crocheted purse:

I didn't even intended to make this into a purse. I just played around with some yarn and in the end it became this purse. I still have to sew the lining and attach it.

4. knitting

And this is what I made out of the handdyed yarn. Two pairs of socks and some wrist warmers.

5. Silk scarf

This scarf is made out of Hipknits silk left-overs I still had. I got the idea from another blog where someone had knit a scarf like this with this Seafoam lace pattern(unfortunately I can't remember the blog)


1. Messenger bag

I wrote before that I really needed a new campus bag, preferably messenger bag style with enough room for a big folder. Unfortunately though I searched through etsy and a couple of online shops I couldn't find any that I also could afford. I wouldn't have minded paying up to 50$, it's handmade and that costs, I know that. But the ones I liked, that were big enough and had a proper closure(why people sell bags without closure is beyond me, they probably don't live in a big city with thiefs) cost a fortune, from 90$ skyward. I can understand that in the cases of complicated bags with e.g. applications on the front flap or a lot of extra pockets as they take time to sew, but for unembellished bags?
So yesterday after the exam, the first thing I did was search through my fabric stash, calculate size etc. and cut everything out. A few hours later(the sewing/assembling took me around three hours with a few little breaks) I had this lovely bag!

2. Caliometry

In the evening after planning future projects I knit Caliometry from Knitty. It's a really fun and easy project, but be aware of the sizing/stitch count issue! Fortunately I had read about it before and I only casted on 90 stitches. The yarn is handdyed merino from Hipknits.

P.S.: Yes, my room is as untidy as the floor looks like. But it's just threads and stuff on the ground, nothing really disgusting...

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