Wednesday, March 28, 2007

buttons, more buttons and a little rant

Before my sewing machine broke I managed to finally buy two button lots on ebay. I've bid on button lots for a month but always was outbid! It's crazy what some people are willing to pay, just crazy.
Including the buttons I already had I've got quite a lot now and need to organize them better. Up untill now they were in my sewing basket together with my other embelishing sewing stuff. That wasn't a convenient way to begin with, but is impossible now:

Yes, that's all of them! I was thinking about using jars, because it looks so pretty, but where would I put those jars? My mum suggested those diveded boxes like the small one I already use for some of my beads(which is actually too small for all of my beads), but apart from the fact that those cost money I don't know where to put it either.

a little rant:
I had to complete registration for my university courses this week and it was quite frustrating. Not because they were full, but because some of the courses I wanted to take colidated with lectures I have to take! The lectures will mostly be held for the last time and I really want to actually go to them. It's not compulsory to listen to them and mostly you get quite good lecture notes but I believe that you learn more consistently if you go to them. Plus one of the lectures I have to take doesn't exist anymore and so instead I have to listen to the second half of another lecture plus a two hour course next semester. And of course physics is parallel to one of my lectures as is the only project course(where you put what you learned to use)that interests me! It would have been the perfect project too...

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