Monday, April 02, 2007

first day

If it wasn't for the beautifull weather this day might have been a bit more of a downer. Break is over and university started again today. Admittedly due to the #*!&$% plan of courses I only had two hours today, four hours total with transit. But those where pretty boring two hours. I will probably never understand why at the first lecture of every course they spend almost all the time on either organisational stuff or What-this-course-is-all-about. Both are somewhat important, but why don't they cut it down to 10 minutes for each subject and then carry one with a real lecture?

web photo storing
Ok, it does seem like the limit on blogger photo hosting isn't that small and should be sufficent for some time, but it let me to wonder a bit. Seems like a couple of bloggers are using flickr to host their pictures. I do sometimes too atleast for FO's to keep them all in one tidy space together, but I realized that I'm slowly reaching the 200 photo limit for free accounts. I thought about getting a pro account before as it doesn't cost that much, but hadn't thought I really needed it. Now that I may do however I'm of course lacking the money-or let's say I would prefer to spend the money I can spend at the moment for other things, like swapping and birthday gifts ;-)



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