Thursday, June 14, 2007


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I just couldn't believe it when I read about this on another blog, but it's true! Flickr is censoring every photo for people with a German yahoo id that is not flagged safe!
And with no notice at all and no reason whatsoever is given, just some lame empty words in response to a forum post!
I know a bit about internet regulations and laws in Germany(heck, I study computer science!) and there are indeed some reasons flickr might have had, but this certainly is not the only way to deal with the situation. Actually it's one of the worst I could think of, but probably also the "cheapest" atleast if you forget how people might react to it and what consequences they will take. I certainly won't refresh my pro account once it expires(can't anyway, see belowe!) if it stay the way it is now.
And to top it all of, you can't pay with paypal either anymore which is the only way for me to pay for this "service".
Now I wish I hadn't upgraded to pro. Had I known this would happen I would have searched for another place to store my photos.


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