Sunday, June 10, 2007

fashion victim

You know how it is, don't you? When the season changes and all the magazines, stores and "celebrities"(using that word in its widest sense) showcast the newest, hippest and oh-so-hot trends, you will soon see a lot of people on the street wearing exactly that no matter how ridiculous it looks. And sometimes trends even take 1 or 2 years untill they hit the big masses. Nevertheless, you're a grown up and long ago realised that not every trend has to be followed in order to look good(actually quite often following every trend leads to the exact opposit result).

And then one day you go shopping fall in love with one pair of pants, that is just perfect and fits great and...well, is quite trendy and probably a knock-off of something Paris Hilton once wore!

Yes, I brought a pair of hip pants. It has a knit waistband and a drawstring closure and the cotton fabric is a navy blue and white stripes pattern, need I say more? And to top it of, I brought some black ballerinas with a white polkadot pattern. They are darn uncomfortable as I found out today(let's just say that the only shoes I will be able to wear for the next three days are my sport shoes), but oh sooooo cute together with the pants...

In knitting news, I started knitting cotton socks, cause the cowl yarn is too warm to knit right now. I also joined the mystery shawl 3 group, but will have to order the yarn first(I want to use Zephyr in white).

I also sewed a bit this weekend instead of knitting. I wish I had more time for sewing, but it always takes me so much time to set everything up and trace patterns etc.
First I sewed a pair of sleeping shorts.

Pattern: traced from a old pair of shorts
Fabric: Star Wars knit fabric from the fabric market
Notes: I love to wear big shorts for sleeping especially when it's as warm as it's now. Therefore the circumference for these shorts is 40+inch and an elastic is sewn in into the top part.
And today I sewed another skirt.

Pattern: Easy fashion, H/W 2005/2006
Fabric: embroidered linnen
Notes: The fabric was pretty cheap because the embroidery is loose in some areas, I don't mind that because first you can't really see this and second I will probably only wear it a few times anyway. The color is totally off in the picture, it's actually a dark brown!
And then I went a bit silly and did what you just have to do when you wear a skirt like this :-)

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