Monday, June 04, 2007

flickr+mum's bag

Yepp, I broke down and got myself a flickr pro account. It's only like 20€ per year and I reached the 200 photo limit for the free account a couple of days/weeks ago. You might have noticed that I posted a bunch of old photos now as I'm cleaning up my computer to make some room. My hard drive is nearly full again, though admittedly the photos just use a small portion of that space. Music and various programms I need(or better to say needed) for studying use the most space right now. They will get sorted too, once I've got some free time. Which I have less and less of now that the middle of the semester is here.
I will take that for an excuse of not posting about the Scoop cardigan today ;-)

But I finished my mum's mothersday bag yesterday after finally finding the brown webbing locally. All the other stores only had blue, white or black webbing and I needed brown or fawn.
I really like this bag and would have loved to keep it for myself, but then it's still in the same apartement, so I could theoratically just grab it ;-)
Unfortunately I forgot that the applique shouldn't be centered on the flap, but a little more to the bottom to make up for the bag mum doesn't mind though.


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