Monday, April 11, 2005

first dye and new yarn

I swear I were just looking for a new pair of jeans! I didn't wanted to look for yarn, but the LYS was on my way to the ground floor...
There was a big basket with reduced yarn for 1.95€. After a looooooooong time of thinking: "take it, no you don't need it, take it anyway, no you....", I turned around determined to leave the store without the yarn. It wasn't my colors anyway.
Keeping my eyes low watching the ground in order to ignore the beautiful yarn around me, I saw the most beautiful colors on a shelf. It was the same yarn as in the basket and without anymore thinking I took it and went to the cash desk.
"That makes 2€"
"Excuse me?"
"Yes, it's on sale for 50cent. Haven't you seen it?" The sales woman pointed to the shelf with a big sign.
So, I took the four I already had an three more. I mean who could resist such a bargain? To my defense: I already have a project in mind, the Lelah top. I'll use this yarn instead of the Safari.


And I dyed my first yarn today! It was a good idea to wait until everyone had left the apartment cause the smell was horrible. A candy nightmare!
I only used 2 packages for 200g wool and so this is a really light color. I like it anyway and was aiming for such a result. The yarn didn't absorbed the same amount of color everywhere which maybe due to the fact that the first skein was in there longer and absorbed more color leaving less for the other one. It did only take little time for the water to get clear!
It is in fact a bit darker than in the picture and the color of the two skeins isn't that much apart from another(stupid camera!)



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