Saturday, May 21, 2005

Design it!

Yeah, I found something to knit! I swaped some yarn with my mum and got some green ribbon yarn!
I searched through my stash and found a coordinate multicolor-green yarn. The idea of a tank/top came right to my mind when holding both together.
But which pattern should I use?
After some help from the knittinghelp-forum folks I found this pattern. I liked the basic shape and the one-shoulder-thingy. But my gauge didn't match since I only had 17sts with the green yarn. Going down a needle size wasn't possible, cause I had already done that. Also I wanted to knit in the round(I really think this is the best way to knit garments-yes, I hate sewing!).
Therefore I'm now going to make up my own pattern. Yes, I'm trying it again after the summertop.



I also had a little in between project: a felted bag! Unfortunately I forgot to take a before pic. The yarn I used was a very varied thick'n thin yarn. In parts it was as thick(thin) as sewing thread and in others worsted. I knitted on size 9mm needles which produced a very holey piece.
After I took it out of the washing machine it had shrinked a good amount, but I noticed the weird position of the handles...hmm...
...arghhh! I did them in the wrong place! I don't know how to fix it....



Anonymous Colleen said...

Tell us more about those green ribbon yarns. I love the colorways.

7:29 PM, May 24, 2005  

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