Wednesday, May 25, 2005

update: ethno top

On public demand(aka colleen ;-) ) here's a bit more on the yarns that I use. I thought I had wrote something about them before, but apparently I haven't!

The "solid" one is GGH "Cascade" in color #8. It's hard to discribe this yarn or take a photo of it's true color. I even tried searching the web for a better pic, but they also didn't match! Even the pic on GGH's own site is way of(and the numbers are wrong!). The yarn is a bit scratchy cause it is held together by metallic and transparend threads. It's really just a bit and doesn't bother, but if you want to purchase it I would recommend buying it at a LYS and see(feel) if you like it.

The multicolor yarn is from Online "Linie 87 Street" in color #1. If I'm not mistaking it's an discontinued yarn. This pic shows its colors best, but in reality it's a bit more vivid!

As for the knitting, I had to frog it once! I don't really know why, but it was to big at the beginning. Now I started with 10 sts less and more decreases-seems like I got a waist out of nowhere! As you can see in the pic I was pretty productive yesterday.



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