Monday, June 13, 2005

back from the middle ages

Ok, it wasn't as bad , but...


Yes, that was taken yesterday evening! And that was all light I had! I felt so taken back 15 years when we visited Indonesia and power blackouts where the norm(you had only three hours of power anyway back then).
My room was only illuminated by a little lamp and my TV! There was no way I could read or knit so I was forced to watch tv.

Why I didn't turned on my ceiling light? Here's why:



All four bulbs burned through! No, that didn't happened all yesterday, only the last of the four burned through leaving me without light.
As you can see from the brown spots this has happened more then once in the past years. I even got a new ceiling lamp, because we thought it was due to the lamp. Obviously this is not the case. There must be something wrong with the wiring, like too much power...I don't know, but I'm not going to use any ceiling lamp again!

After a quick drive to Ikea I got these:


I think I will hide the white cable with some artificial flowers I have somewhere and pin it to the wall.

Apart from this little misfortune I also did spin a bit more and know now where my problems are. I didn't do the drafting thing right. I have to place my hands much more apart from another when holding the fiber.
And the first pic of selfmade yarn knitted up:

first knit


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