Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More spinning stuff...

First here's a photo of all the rovings that where in the bag:

Sofar I have spun with one of the white and one brown one.
Here's the result:

Yes, still far away from perfection, but the brown one is much better than my first try(left one). I did a lot of research this last hour, but found it almost impossible to find other peoples first tries! So these pics are also for all the beginning spinners who wonder why everbody else except them manages to get beautiful yarn in the first try.
Honestly, it's not that difficult to spin yarn, it's more difficult to make it even. I ended up with a lot of bumps and untwisted parts. Still not sure what I did wrong, but someone wrote somewhere(sorry, but I read so many pages I just can't remeber) that with commercial roving you should lightly "stretch" it before spinning. I'm going to try that.

Another thing I read that you should wind the yarn into hanks and "water" them in order to make the twist stay. I wonder if this is true? Makes some sence though...
Surprisingly my spindle seems to be quite balanced!? I don't know how I managed to do that!


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