Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I hate bees!

I was just about to post to this blog, actually I had written atleast a paragraph, when one of this lil' evil bees entered my room! Yes, I know they produce honey and that they won't hurt you if you won't make them mad, but that doesn't really help me!
I jumped up and out of the room. I realized that "she" hadn't entered from my rooms window, cause that window is not really open!
She came through the open door and now I'm stuck in the living room! Where's my brother when I need him? He always gets them to get out of my room...funy enough he is afraid of spiders! I mean which insect is more likely to hurt you? We're not living in south america or australia where there are poisining spiders!

Ok, that was propably the most OT-post I ever made, but did I mentioned that I'm afraid of bees up to real panicking?


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