Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Shopping and new challenges

No, I still haven't blocked the shawl, though I had cleaned up the room for it(it of course is messy again).
But finally the weather was good enough to go to a fleamarket again on sunday. It has been weeks(!) since my last, cause every single sunday was rainy!!!
I only brought a bag full of fabric for 2€. Actually I only wanted the printed one you can see on top, but when the seller said 2€ for the whole bag, I of course brought it.

Then I got some yarn from Ebay. It's the same yarn that I used for the turqoise shawl, since I didn't knew how much I needed...

And todays shopping pic. Two knitting magazines including the new Rebecca. I'm thinking about knitting Modell number 41 or 5(maybe withe the turqois yarn?). You can also see 5 magnetic snaps for future bag-making, so I don't get short of them and have to drive 45min in order to finish a bag.
And a 1.5mm crochet hook. Yes, you read right 1.5mm. Scroll down to see what for.

I talked my mum into buying some crochet threads and magazines at the above mentioned fleamarket since she wanted to try that out for a long time. Guess who tested a pattern?

Unfortunately not enough yarn to make this piece, but with the 1.5mm hook and the white thread I will give this a try:


And here's a pic of a scarf I just started. It will be a birthday gift for a friend of mine. It's done in GGH Safari.


P.S.: I'm also taking part in the new craftster challenge. Here's my entry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the fabric you bought, especially the top one. But missis, why you put yourself down as a adv.beginner/intermediate on your questionnaire!!! You are sooooo at least intermediate if not beyond. The scarf looks like it will be a beautiful piece of work and your Kiri shawl is looking perfecto....love YOUR Knitty SP5

9:25 PM, August 24, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huhu, Hier Dein Secret Pal! Ich bin gerade dabei Dein Abschlußgeschenk zu pacen, also halte die Augen offe, es wird nächste Woche eintrudeln. :o)

LIebe Grüße XXX

PS, ich frage mich ja aundauernd, ob Du schon weißt, wer ich bin?
Eventuell wär ich heute in HH gewesen, dann häte ich Dein Geschenk selbst vorbei gebracht, aber daraus wurde leider nichts. :o(

7:23 AM, August 28, 2005  

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