Thursday, August 18, 2005

Update, finally

Somehow I always forget to update the sidebar with my FO's and UFO's. I've done that now.
I finished knitting the turquoise kiri for me and wove in the ends. All it needs now is a bit of bloging, but I need to clean up my room first(which is not going to happen the next few days). I think I get more comfortable with knitting lace now. Still amazed at people who can knit lace without looking at the chart and knit blind(not looking at the piece). I'm able to do one of the above, either I knit without the chart in front of me or I knit with the chart and without looking much at the piece(only for decreases).

I began looking around for christmas present patterns. Everyone in the family will get a scarf/hat combo. Well, probably not everyone since my father doesn't wear scarves("I can button up my jacket, I don't need a scarf...I don't feel cold there, really!!!! ").
It's not that easy to find attractiv patterns that are not to boring to knit for 8 people.
My brother will get a StarWars scarf with Intarsia on it, my mum will get a multidirectional one and my dad will get a cabled hat. Don't know what the others will get yet.

I also did some more spinning recently. It's much more even now, eventhough I didn't practice for a while. I wish I could buy a spinning wheel for me. I promised myself, that if I continue enjoying spinning I will think about getting a wheel for christmas. If all my relatives pool money together and I add some more, I'm probably able to buy one. But then I wouldn't get anything else...well, have to think about that a bit more.

[pictures later]


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