Thursday, July 21, 2005

HP...or not?

What was the first thing after my test? Right, I "flew" home in order to start reading HP6. I swear this book has called my name ever since I brought it to lure me into reading it instead of learning. Everything was arranged, two bottles of water, sweets, cigarettes, so I wouldn't have to stand up while I'm reading.
Guess how annoyed I was when my mum knocked at my door just after the first chapter! Hadn't I said nobody was to disturb me the next few hours?
Well, before I could shout any rude words, I saw two packages in her hand. The first one was the RoundRobin bag, but I can't tell you much of it or show a pic for some time. But I can say that it's awesome! I feel a bit embarrassed for the bags I contributed too.

However I'm definately allowed to tell you something about the second package that arrived. It's from my SP and it's... wonderfull!
Pink(pink!!!) velour like yarn(actually called Velour) from GGH, together with the instructions for the one-skein-wonder! I just had to make a swatch right away :-)
And an organizer for the crafty stuff all of us need to carry around all the time! Really handy!
Plus bamboo handles! And *drumroll* wonderwoman tissue!

SP package-THANKS!

P.S.: Of course I finished HP today.


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