Tuesday, August 02, 2005

learn? not me!

I know, I know...should be learning, but...I don't understand it!
No, I don't have a book, there's no script, and I don't get the "√úbungen".
All my hope is on the practical course(Praktikum) which begins tomorrow. That's how I understood last semester. Honestly, it's the most easiest course in my opinion, but the lack of material makes it hard!

Anyway, I've sewed myself a skirt out of 100% linen fabric which was on sale. Lazy me didn't insert a zipper. I made a drawstring waist instead:

Looks better in real life though...
That's all I did today, cause my blood pressure is waaaay down again(have a low one anyway!) and I'm just feeling like shit.
But I made some progress on my cardigan yesterday. Finished front and back and began one sleeve. Of course i had to change the pattern. There's never one you can knit without changing a bit of it!
I never understand how they get their row gauge. I mean mine is way of eventhough stitch gauge is correct!
I really liked the little cable part and will probably do a sweater in the future with some cables in it.


And then I made myself a knitting bag. It has two big pockets at the front for needles and the likes and a little zippered(!) pocket on the bag for my wallet and keys. It also features a washable bottom part(plastic layer) which makes it more fun knitting outside!
All I need now are the handles. I found the perfect ones, but didn't felt like shopping today...


Blogger the knitrider said...

i really like your knitting bag and skirt! i think youve inspired me to take my scraps and try to make a really nice knitting bag/purse. I need something that will carry everything when need be, and be strong and secure enough so it can go with me on my bike!

10:55 PM, August 02, 2005  

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