Friday, August 05, 2005

Yeah, I'm rich!

...ok, it's only around 70€, but that's much for me. Even more so, because I didn't expected it.
Where I got the money from? Well, I put some of my stuff up on Ebay. Mostly toys, dolls and the like(remember, I cleared out the attic?). I thought I may get 10€ from it and they would become somebody elses "treasures".
Apparently they are worth more! See the blue MyLittlePony? It's a rare one!
Of course, had I known beforehand I probably would have gotten more money, but since I didn't expected much, it's fantastic nevertheless!!!!!

childhood treasures

What I'm going to do with the extra cash? Well, I'm going to buy 3 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze at EbayUK(we all know that seller, don't we?) and the rest will be put aside. As sad as it is, but I have to start saving money for the tuition fees, that I probably have to pay next year. I start studying and they waive fees! Don't get me started on this subject! I could write and write and write about it here, but I don't.


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