Monday, August 15, 2005

please, stop me from laughing out loud!

My weekend began just wondefully on friday, really. I wrote THE test...
what shall I say about it? Which words describe best the feelings I had when we were finally allowed to open the papers?
I had a big, broad smile on my face! I almost started to laugh. And no, I was not the only one, I looked around and saw a few people shake heads in disbelief.
Why? Well, this test was a joke, easy as pie, a piece of cake. It was even more easy than the one from a few years ago. The first student was finished after 20 (twenty!!!) minutes and we had 2 hours time. It took me 45minutes including eating breakfast and looking around.
There's noway I didn't passed this test!

On saturday was my aunts party. Well, it was nice, nice food and such, but I got my migraine and we left therefore before dessert(I missed teramisu, can you belief it!). You know, I think it's amazing how my aunt changed till she had her first child. She used to complain about children who would be playing too loud and were a nuisance anyway...of course she can't remember that now!
There were atleast 15 little kids and the later it got the louder they were. No, apparently I don't like kids much. Especial when they're running around screaming. And no, babys are soooooo not cute!

Anyway, we came back home and I went straight to bed. But I had forgotten which kind of weekend it was. It was "Außenmühlen Fest". That's a festival in the park right in front of our house. It's just about getting as drunk as you can and than either start singing(aka screaming)or getting into fights. I hate it.

As for the knitting: I started another Kiri shawl, this time for me. No, I haven't ordered the KSH yet, I'm doing it out of turqois cotton yarn I foun in my (mum's) stash.

Just found
this . It's too cute, I GOT to have it!


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