Thursday, August 11, 2005

I got it!

Yes, I'm done learning. There will be some last-minute-most-important-stuff-learning today, but generally I'm done with it. I went to a tutorium on monday and bored myself to death. It's a good sign, isn't it? I must admit, that I don't understand the big things or the overall picture, but I think that's not necessary to pass the test. I tried out writing the test from a couple of years ago(nice fellow students with time write down minutes after they did the test) and would have passed!
I think the reason why so many don't pass tests(not only this one, but also the one I took a few weeks ago) is that they try to understand the big context first. I never do that! I start with the small, easy things, like transforming decimal numbers into binary/hex/octal for this test, than go unto the more advanced stuff.

OK, won't bore you any further, now the knitting/sewing:

My aunts we-now-have-a-house-party(now as in for the last year*eyerolling*) is this sunday and after I ensured myself I had enough learning, I went to IKEA and brought some fabric to make her pillow cases. My mum contributed the pillows et voila:


Wow, sewing pillows is fast AND highly addictiv. Not much you can mess up with, so I made myself some too:

Then I finally went into town to get the handles for my new bag(ok, I had to go into town, because I had to submit some documents for my study-related financial aid. Btw why do authorities increase the number of documents you have to submit every year?!!).
I also sewed a grocery shopping tote to go with the bag(have I mentioned I was in a creative mood this week?)

and the zipper which I'm quite proud of

And finally some knitting content:
I'm now able to buy the KSH I longed for so long. But what, I thought, if I don't like the Kiri pattern or it's too difficult for me?
There's only one way to find this out, knitting it! So, I used some spare yarn I have(it's sooooo not my color, I don't know why I brought it! It's a bit more orange than in the pic) and began knitting.
Result: I love the pattern and no, it's not too difficult. I was even able to put the chart away a little and only occasionally look at it.
Since this one is much too small for every human beeing except perhaps a baby, I'm going to give it to my mum for birthday. It has just the right size for one of her creepy dolls(yeah, if you ask me collecting dolls is VERY low on the cool things to collect list, but it's one of the few things labeling my mum as old ;-))
The only thing that makes me a bit nervous is that the shawl is 90cm wide after the few repeats I did. So how wide would a real size shawl get?



Blogger the knitrider said...

i really love the pillows both of you made, and wow, nice zipper job!! about the spraying, does germany even have instances of the west nile virus? that is the only reason chicago decided to spray, there are a few people infected from mosquitoes this year. i know they only do it when they need to but it is still sad.

4:14 PM, August 12, 2005  

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