Monday, May 29, 2006

photos, photos and photos!

I LOVE the new camera! Eventhough the lightning in my room is shit(the balcony is infront of my window!) it makes acceptable photos without me having to photoshop them!
Ok, theoratically it's my mum's camera, but I'm the one who uses it the most, so practically it's mine, right ? ;-)
Want to see some pics?

My newest hobby is cross stitch, but since I don't have the patience yet to do a bigger image, I thought it would be a good idea to make bookmarks and trims.
I looked through some patterns and charts, but found none (free) that I liked. I wanted something geometric. So I made up my own. I used to draw geometric patterns at school when I was bored, which was most of the time! We used to play word games across the class secretly, but after 10+ people joint the game it got hard to continue without the teacher noticing(and no, that was not in middle school, but 12 grade!).

Remember the magazine holding thing? Well, it does hold one magazine, though you can't see it with all the yarn and projects on top ;-)
The pink cardigan is almost finished. I only need to pick up a gazillion(390+) stitches and knit a few rows. Problem is I don't have long enough circulars. I'll try using two shorter ones.

I participated in a swap on which was called fill-a-coin-purse. This is the fabulous stuff I got together with the pink coin purse(I do love the pink!). It's just the right size for the camera which for reasons I don't understand did not come with a pocket for it!

And lastly pics of recent purchases! Yes, there's more than one reason I'm broke...


Blogger Knit/Pickin' with Ellen Edwards said...

hey Javede--I'm from the've admired your work a lot--you get a lot done!! Have you thought about maybe bidding on a set of Boyes Needlemasters on eBay? I got mine for about $30.00 and they start at a size 2, and with the cables to adjoin, you could have some good long circulars to knit with!! Although the thought of picking up 300+ stitches doesn't charm me--I just thought maybe that would work for you!! I dont like mine as well as I like addi's but I can't afford all those addi's And Denise sets don't start at that small a size.

Anyway--good work! Good luck!
EllenEdwards (Trudy)

3:02 AM, May 30, 2006  

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